2021 · Arts

5 Recent Favourites on Netflix

I have watched quite a few shows on Netflix recently. I'm not quite sure why I've spent so much time on the streaming site but can you blame me? Today's post is all about 5 of my recent favourites I watched on Netflix although all but 1 are not netflix owned. Regardless, I hope you… Continue reading 5 Recent Favourites on Netflix

2019 · Arts

BLOGMAS: What’s Next on My Watch List?

Hello everyone and welcome to day 22 of Blogmas! I am currently binge-watching Forensic Files on Netflix which is taking me a while as there are so many episodes. However, I'm getting really close to the end now and as a result, I've been thinking of shows I would like to watch afterwards. These are in… Continue reading BLOGMAS: What’s Next on My Watch List?