2020 · Bullet Journal

August 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

Well it's that time of the month everyone. Today is my August Bullet Journal setup. This month is a little shorter and more concise but I'm very pleased with the results. I decided to go for a hot air balloon theme which was inspired by Amanda Rach Lee's April 2019 Setup. You may remember I… Continue reading August 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

2020 · Bullet Journal

My 10 Favourite Themes in my Bullet Journal

Whenever I start a new month in my Bullet Journal, I always have a different theme to make each month different. This is something I've been doing ever since I started Bullet Journaling and because of that, there a few favourites of mine which I thought I would share with you! Disclaimer: You don't have… Continue reading My 10 Favourite Themes in my Bullet Journal

2020 · Bullet Journal · Reviews

NSW Day 7 – Lemone Notebook Review

Welcome to National Stationery Week Day 7! I can't believe we're on the last post for this week! Thank you so much for joining me this week! For every day this week, I've been reviewing a notebook that could be used as a Bullet Journal. Today's notebook is the Lemome dot grid notebook so let's… Continue reading NSW Day 7 – Lemone Notebook Review

2020 · Bullet Journal

March 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

I don't know about anyone else but for me, February absolutely flew by. I remember planning February's Bullet Journal Setup like it was yesterday. This month's theme was chosen by my Instagram followers (feel free to¬†follow me) and they picked Cherry Blossoms which I have wanted to do for some time! I'd like to take… Continue reading March 2020 Bullet Journal Setup