2021 · Bullet Journal

Minimalist September Bullet Journal Setup

I can't believe we are already in September. It feels so strange knowing I will be going to University this month which kind of leads on to this blog post. I've got a minimal Bullet Journal Setup because of the fact I'm going to University this month. I knew I would be doing something minimal… Continue reading Minimalist September Bullet Journal Setup

2021 · Bullet Journal

July Bullet Journal Setup – Rainbows

July is quite possibly my favourite month of the year, the reason being it's my birthday month! I wanted to do something fun and colourful in my Bullet Journal this month so I went for rainbows as my theme. I should say the rainbows in this theme are more abstract rather than the traditional rainbow… Continue reading July Bullet Journal Setup – Rainbows

2021 · Bullet Journal

Iced Coffee Themed Bullet Journal Setup

If I'm honest, I'm surprised I haven't done an iced coffee theme before in my Bullet Journal. I absolutely adore iced coffee. I drink it most days and I'm definitely someone who prefers iced to normal coffee. Anyway, of course it's that time where I share my setup for the month. I am really happy… Continue reading Iced Coffee Themed Bullet Journal Setup

2021 · Bullet Journal

7 Bullet Journal Myths Debunked

When it comes to using a Bullet Journal, you hear quite a few myths surrounding the system. Perhaps this has even stopped you from using the system. Maybe you're too nervous to start or you end up doubting yourself. Today's post is all about debunking those myths so that you can feel more confident and… Continue reading 7 Bullet Journal Myths Debunked

2021 · Bullet Journal · Reviews

Faber-Castell Metallic Highlighters Review

A few months ago, the lovely team over at Faber-Castell sent over their gorgeous metallic highlighters. I had been eyeing them up for quite some time so I had to say yes when they offered to gift me some. I thought I would do a review of them so I hope you enjoy it! Disclaimer:… Continue reading Faber-Castell Metallic Highlighters Review

2021 · Bullet Journal · Other

40+ Header Ideas for your Journals!

When it comes to our journals, some of us may be eager to spice things up a bit. Perhaps it's when we're setting up our Bullet Journal, or maybe we're adding a new spread. Whatever the reason, it's always nice to add something different, such as decoration, doodles and as today's title suggests, different header… Continue reading 40+ Header Ideas for your Journals!

2021 · Bullet Journal

April 2021 Bullet Journal Setup – I Went Minimal!

I am just as shocked as you all are. If you've been following me for quite some time, you will know my Bullet Journal setups are far from minimal. I like to use colour which is evident in my setup last month. I had absolutely no idea what theme to go for this month so… Continue reading April 2021 Bullet Journal Setup – I Went Minimal!