2021 · Beauty

My Current Makeup Favourites

I'll be completely honest, I originally had this blog post planned as a makeup routine. I had planned it all, taken photos, and was ready to sit down and start typing and then I realised I did a blog post about my makeup routine just over a year ago. I initially wanted to continue with… Continue reading My Current Makeup Favourites

2021 · Other

My Champions League Group Stage Predictions

The Champions League is back! I am so excited for this season and I can't wait for the upcoming matches. Last year, I did a group stage predictions post and I thought I would do the same this year. I love doing prediction posts as it's something very different for me. The format of this… Continue reading My Champions League Group Stage Predictions

2021 · Bullet Journal

Minimalist September Bullet Journal Setup

I can't believe we are already in September. It feels so strange knowing I will be going to University this month which kind of leads on to this blog post. I've got a minimal Bullet Journal Setup because of the fact I'm going to University this month. I knew I would be doing something minimal… Continue reading Minimalist September Bullet Journal Setup

2021 · haul · Other

Swatching All of my Washi Tape – I Have a Lot!

For the last few years, I have collected lots of washi tape. I love using washi in my Bullet Journal. It's a great way to add that extra bit of decoration and is perfect for everyone. For today's post, I thought I would swatch my washi tape collection and tell you which ones are my… Continue reading Swatching All of my Washi Tape – I Have a Lot!

2021 · Travel

4 Things to do in Snowdonia National Park

I am extremely thankful to have Snowdonia National Park practically on my doorstep. It's such a beautiful part of the world and so today I thought I would recommend 4 things to do there. There's so much this beautiful place has to offer so I hope you enjoy this post! A lot of this is… Continue reading 4 Things to do in Snowdonia National Park