2020 · Lifestyle · Mental health

My Journaling Routine

For the last few years, journaling has become a big focal point off my life. I find it very beneficial to my mental health which is why I've continued for so long. Today I thought I would discuss my routine which has worked well for me all this time! The first thing that I like… Continue reading My Journaling Routine

2020 · Lifestyle · Other

4 Reasons why Goodreads has Helped Me

Towards the end of last year, I discovered Goodreads thanks to a bunch of fellow bloggers I follow on Twitter. I really liked the concept of this website and so I decided to download and join for myself. I've already noticed the benefits so I thought I would share 4 reasons why Goodreads has worked… Continue reading 4 Reasons why Goodreads has Helped Me

2019 · Lifestyle

BLOGMAS: Reflecting on my 2019 Goals

Hello everyone and welcome to day 16 of Blogmas. Today's post is a good old self-reflective blog post as I'm looking back on my 2019 goals or new year resolutions or whatever you want to call them. If I'm honest, I haven't been that invested in my goals this year. I obviously thought about them… Continue reading BLOGMAS: Reflecting on my 2019 Goals

2019 · Lifestyle

BLOGMAS: My Favourite Christmas Food

Hello everyone and welcome to day 15 of Blogmas! Today's post is all about food. There's something about the food at Christmas Time that makes me very happy. Perhaps it's in conjunction with remembering what you were doing when you were eating or could smell a certain thing? Who knows? Before we get started, I… Continue reading BLOGMAS: My Favourite Christmas Food

2019 · Lifestyle · Mental health

BLOGMAS: Self Care at Christmas

Hello everyone and welcome to day 14 of Blogmas. We all know that Christmas and the festive season can be a difficult time for some people. You may suffer with a mental health illness, you may have gone through some personal problems around this time of year or maybe you're just not keen on this… Continue reading BLOGMAS: Self Care at Christmas