2018 · Education

Results Day 2018

Ah, results day. The day where every single A Level student finds out how they've done in their exams. The day where two years (well, in my case three years) worth of work is consolidated down into this very moment. The day where earth feels like absolute hell. I was very nervous about results day… Continue reading Results Day 2018

Bullet Journal · Education

Recommended Bullet Journal Spreads

Late last year, I joined the studyblr and studygram community as a way of getting inspiration and motivation for studying. Through joining these communities, I became more informed about the idea of the bullet journal system. It was one of those things that I had heard multiple times but didn’t really understand the concept. Anyway,… Continue reading Recommended Bullet Journal Spreads

2017 · Education

University Panic ~ Is it right for me?

At the moment, the majority of my friends are off to university which is a massive chapter of life. You're one step closer to being in the outside world, getting jobs, earning money, getting a house, maybe starting a family. You're growing up which is obviously very daunting. I'm not due to go to University… Continue reading University Panic ~ Is it right for me?