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20 of my Favourite Stationery Brands

I would consider myself to be quite a big stationery enthusiast. The idea of collecting pens, washi tape, stickers, notebooks and more is extremely therapeutic to me. As a result, there are some stationery brands out there that I end up being drawn back to and I would like to share them with you today.… Continue reading 20 of my Favourite Stationery Brands

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7 Reasons Why I’m Getting Excited About University

University is slowly but surely creeping up on me. On 15th September 2019, I'll be driving up to a new chapter of my life and the reality is starting to sink in. I thought it would make me nervous but in actual fact, I am very excited. Here are 7 reasons why I'm starting to… Continue reading 7 Reasons Why I’m Getting Excited About University

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National Stationery Week Themed Q&A

Surprise! Hello everyone and welcome to an extra extra blog post for this week! You may or may not be aware that this week is national stationery week which is my kind of week! I'll leave a link here to the official website so you can find out some more information about this amazing week!… Continue reading National Stationery Week Themed Q&A

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BLOGMAS: My Stationery collection

Hello, my friends. Today's blog post probably requires you to sit down with a cup of tea judging by the amount of pictures I've taken. I'll try to keep it short as I'll be writing about my stationery collection! Enjoy! Miscellaneous stationery Some of my favourites from this particular collection are the Sakura Pigma Micron… Continue reading BLOGMAS: My Stationery collection

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BLOGMAS: Do I regret taking a gap year?

Back in August 2018, I made the decision to defer my entry to study Politics at Brunel University until the year 2019. This wasn't a planned gap year and in the grand scheme of things was rather last minute. I didn't know at the time whether I was making the right decision or not. To… Continue reading BLOGMAS: Do I regret taking a gap year?

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My favourite stationery items

Hi all! Today, I'm going to share with you my favourite stationery! As a person involved with the study community on Instagram, I have got a hefty collection of various types of stationery. However, it's worth noting that I've always really liked stationery from a young age and the highlight of going back to school… Continue reading My favourite stationery items