2018 · Arts

BLOGMAS: My Favourite True Crime Documentaries/Youtubers

Watching true crime documentaries and youtubers has always been a fascinating time for me. I love to hear about the perpetrators of crime and what led them to commit the crime in the first place. It's interesting to hear about the nature vs nurture debate and as a previous sociology student, it fascinates me. I'm… Continue reading BLOGMAS: My Favourite True Crime Documentaries/Youtubers

2018 · Bullet Journal · Reviews

BLOGMAS: Bullet Journal Notebook Discussions

Today, I'm doing something a little bit different. I want to find various notebooks that can be used as a Bullet Journal. I'm going to go to Amazon and type in "Bullet Journal Notebook" and see what comes up. After that, I'll go through each one and discuss the following: Price Size Number of pages… Continue reading BLOGMAS: Bullet Journal Notebook Discussions

2018 · Bullet Journal · Student Life

BLOGMAS: My Stationery Collection

Today's blog post probably requires you to sit down with a cup of tea judging by the amount of pictures I've taken. I'll try to keep it short as I'll be writing about my stationery collection! Enjoy! Miscellaneous stationery Some of my favourites from this particular collection are the Sakura Pigma Micron and the pentel… Continue reading BLOGMAS: My Stationery Collection

2018 · haul · Reviews

BLOGMAS: November Unibox Unboxing!

The Unibox is a monthly subscription box catered to primarily university students to help with mental health and well-being. I was very lucky to receive the November one this month and I thought I would do a little unboxing with you all! November's theme was "Sweet Dreams" so without further ado, let's get to it! Each… Continue reading BLOGMAS: November Unibox Unboxing!

2018 · Student Life

BLOGMAS: Do I Regret Taking a Gap Year?

Back in August 2018, I made the decision to defer my entry to study Politics at Brunel University until the year 2019. This wasn't a planned gap year and in the grand scheme of things was rather last minute. I didn't know at the time whether I was making the right decision or not. To… Continue reading BLOGMAS: Do I Regret Taking a Gap Year?