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Minimalist September Bullet Journal Setup

I can’t believe we are already in September. It feels so strange knowing I will be going to University this month which kind of leads on to this blog post. I’ve got a minimal Bullet Journal Setup because of the fact I’m going to University this month. I knew I would be doing something minimal for a while now and I’m really excited to share with you what I’ve done.

Just a quick heads up, I haven’t got any University spreads in this month’s setup. Even though I go to University this month, I’m going right at the end of the month and my first week is an induction week so I don’t need any spreads just yet. I also still haven’t worked out the system I want with planning and organisation at University yet in terms of my Bullet Journal. I’m thinking I might use my Bullet Journal alongside a Planner but I’m not too sure yet. Anyway, one long intro later. Let’s get to it!

Cover Page and Quote Page

For my cover page, I decided to make use of my lovely stamps which made setting up this month so quick and easy. I used a stamp and then lettered out September in the standard cursive calligraphy font. I then added a little border but I will admit I didn’t keep up with the borders after this.

For my quote page, I wanted to choose a quote that’s relevant to the fact I’ll be going to University this month. I included a stamp on the page and then I included the quote next to it. I’m really happy with the way this turned out. I love how simple it is!

Monthly Spread

For my monthly spread, I decided to keep with the calendar layout as it works really well for me. I only included the horizontal lines because I really wanted to add to that minimalist vibe I’ve got going. I lettered out September and then I included the stamps to the side in order to fill the space. I love how this looks and I’m really looking forward to using this spread.

Habit and Symptoms Tracker

For my habit and symptoms tracker, I kept with the individual tracker layout as this continues to serve me really well. I’ve changed up one habit which is studying as, well, I’m at University and I need to do some preparation. I always change my habits when I feel like it has truly become a habit and I’m checking it off everyday. This happened last month hence why I’ve switched one out.

For my symptoms tracker, I’ve kept the same symptoms this month as all of these still seem to be quite prominent but again, I will switch this up if need be. I included the stamped images at the bottom and I’m really happy with how everything looks!

Mood and Sleep Tracker

For my mood tracker, I went back to the graph layout in order to maintain that minimalist vibe I’ve got going on. This layout always works really well for me which is why I constantly go back to it. I included the stamps at the side and I’m really happy with how it looks.

For my sleep tracker, I’ve got the same layout as last month but I’ve included the hours at the top rather than all the way down as that’s very time consuming. Sometimes I’m in the mood for it and other times I’m definitely not, like this month. Regardless, I do think it looks really pretty and I’m happy with how it turned out!

Blog Statistics and Expenses Tracker

For my blog statistics, nothing has really changed from last month. However, I have included a followers total this month so I can track how many followers I gain each month. I didn’t include it in the daily stats because the majority would be 0 but regardless, this is new for me.

I also have the return of the expenses tracker. I haven’t used this in quite a while now but I figured with going back to University I should probably start to budget my money. I have a table set up to show what I’m paying for, my bank balance at the start and the end of the month and also a “where is my money going” section because again, I need to budget. I’ve used this layout before and it’s worked really well for me so here it is again.

September Memories and Gratitude Log

For the last few months, I have included a memories page which has been in the layout of a calendar. That has worked really well for me but I am running out of room in this Bullet Journal very rapidly and that probably means I’ll have to buy a new notebook before 2022. Not exactly ideal for me personally. I decided to go for a vertical spread and I’ll write it out like this, I guess.

My gratitude log remains the same as it always does as it works really well for me. It’s so simple and I love it. I do also have a brain dump but I used it before I took a picture of it and so I’m not sharing it. It’s very much the same as always though.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you liked this setup.

Love Beth


10 thoughts on “Minimalist September Bullet Journal Setup

  1. your calligraphy is so pretty! i love the setup! i also had a minimal b&w setup but it was last august. i wish i could share my art too the next time. xx

    Liked by 1 person

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