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Vintage Bullet Journal Setup

Considering how much I enjoy doing creative journaling and doing vintage spreads, I’m amazed I haven’t done a vintage theme in my bullet journal sooner. As I’m going to university next month, I felt like August was the last chance to go full out with a theme before I go back to a more minimalist style. I hope you enjoy seeing my spreads and without further ado, let’s get to it.

Cover Page and Quote Page

For my cover page, I decided to use my letter stamps to put August in the centre as I feel it has a real vintage vibe. I then added different papers to the corners as I really like that look and then I added some washi tape and stickers over the top as I love layering my stationery. I also added more stickers and some stamping, as well as some grid washi tape.

If you saw my July Setup, I didn’t include a quote page and instead went for a thoughts page. However, that didn’t work for me at all and I liked having a quote there to set the month ahead. I decided to use an entire sheet of vintage paper and then I ripped some white paper, stamped the quote on, and pasted it down with some blue grey washi tape, I then added more washi and stickers to fill the empty space and I love the way it turned out.

Monthly Spread

For my monthly spread, I kept with the calendar layout as it has continued to work really well for me. Each square is 5 by 5 which is more than enough room for me. I used a brown and beige tombow brush pen to use for the days of the week and then I added more paper, stickers and washi tape around the calendar. I love the way this looks.

Habit and Symptoms Tracker

For my habit and symptoms tracker, I went for an individual tracker layout which works really well for me. I have 9 habits and 9 symptoms to track which works really well, especially with the layout side of things. I once again added more paper and stickers and I really like the way it looks.

Mood and Sleep Tracker

For my mood tracker, I decided to finally go for a washi tape mood tracker. I got this idea from Helen Colebrook and I loved the sound of it so I decided to try it for myself. I created 31 squares and I’m going to put the washi in that square depending on my mood. I’ve never tried this before so I’m looking forward to giving it a go!

For my sleep tracker, I really wanted that visual representation of the time I’m asleep as opposed to the hours. I do like the other way of tracking my sleep but sometimes I like to change it every now and then. I just don’t use this layout as often because it’s a pain to create. I’m looking forward to using it this month!

Blog Stats and Playlist

For my blog statistics, I kept the layout exactly the same as it works really well for me. I love having this information as it really benefits me. I added more decoration and I’m really pleased with the way it turned out.

For my playlist spread, I used the same layout as my quote page. I pasted down some vintage paper, wrote out the playlist on white paper and stuck it on with washi tape. I then added more decoration and I am so happy with how this looks.

Memories Spread

I first did my memories spread back in July 2021 and I really enjoyed using it so I thought I would do the same for August. Each square is 6 by 6 which works really well for me. The idea of this spread, if you’re not aware, is to write down or doodle a memory from each day.

Gratitude and Reasons to Be Proud

For my gratitude and reasons to be proud spread, I decided to go with the same layout as my quote page and playlist page. I pasted down some vintage paper and then I put some white paper on top. The white paper is where I will write out what i’m grateful for and why I’m proud. I then included more vintage decoration in the empty spaces and I also stamped out the titles.

Brain Dump

For my brain dump, I pasted on paper at the top of the page, used some white paper and then I stamped out brain dump. I also included some stickers in each corner just to add to the theme.

And that’s my setup! Thank you so much for reading.

Love Beth


15 thoughts on “Vintage Bullet Journal Setup

  1. Your set up looks so good! I really want to try this theme sometime but I just am lazy to put together everything lol. I am still behind on my August set up but I have to do it today.


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