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What was Lockdown Really Like?

From March 2020 until July/August 2020 (I can’t really remember if I’m honest), the UK was put on national lockdown to help control the spread of Covid. At the time, I was really scared about what the future would look like. Would we remain in lockdown forever? Would I be stuck at home all the time? Would I lose what was my job at the time?

I don’t want this to be a post about the logistics of lockdown and whether we should or shouldn’t have been put into one. This is all about what my experience of lockdown was like. What did I get up to? How was I feeling? I’ve been reading a few lockdown diary blog posts recently from the first lockdown and it’s been something I’ve really enjoyed reading. It’s interesting to see how people were getting on in such a turbulent time so this is my contribution a year later. I hope you all enjoy this post and without further ado, let’s get to it.

My experience of how lockdown started for me was a little different. Last year, I worked as an activites team member at a local holiday park near me. On 19th March 2020, I had just finished my shift when a staff meeting was immediately called. I tidied up the station I was working at and headed to the office where the head of activities was waiting. I knew this was a serious staff meeting as people had been asked to come in who were off that day. It wasn’t the case of “can you let those know who are not in what’s been said at the meeting?” No. Everyone had to be there.

The head of activities informed us that the park would be closing from the next day. Any guests that were on park had to leave that day. It was quite a scary and surreal moment. We were informed that we would be placed on furlough and sent home. I remember thinking I would be back working in 3 weeks. I started working again on 8th August.

Lockdown was then officially announced by the Prime Minister on 23rd March. Like I mentioned previously, I really wasn’t aware of the severity of the situation. Maybe it was a sense of denial, I’m not too sure. Either way, I didn’t think it would be for long. How wrong I was.

How was I feeling?

The way I was feeling during lockdown was a bit of a weird for me. When I knew it was going to happen, I think I set myself up that I wouldn’t be able to cope. Sure, there were moments where I felt really low but as a whole, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

The low moments were as a result of just being petrified about what this virus could do to me and my family, especially my Mum. My Mum is someone who suffers with a few illnesses and I knew that if she ended up catching it, it could be very very serious for her. Of course, I was worried about all of my family then because we just didn’t know the scale of the virus and what it could do to people.

I don’t think it helped that we live in North Wales whereas the rest of my family still live down south in England. I was so worried about how they were. What was the situation like there? I mean, because we live in a rural area, cases were not as bad as elsewhere and I know where I used to live it was definitely worse. Thankfully, everyone was okay during the first lockdown.

Like I mentioned before, I definitely wasn’t as bad as I thought I was going to be. There were actually times where I felt really good. I tried to make the best out of the situation. I think knowing that you were allowed to be out an hour for exercise really helped. I find walking so beneficial to me mentally.

Another thing that helped with how I was feeling was the weather. It was absolutely glorious so I spent a lot of my time, especially in the latter months of lockdown, sunbathing. If the weather is beautiful, that has such a positive effect on me.

What did I get up to?

I mentioned previously that I went for walks when I could. I’m so thankful to live in such a beautiful part of the country. I walked along the coastal path, the beach and just generally explored the area. I had only been living here for 4 months then so I wanted to see and appreciate where I lived.

I also spent time on Duolingo. As I’ve moved to North Wales, I felt like I wanted to learn Welsh so I could get by. I know some of the basics now so it definitely worked. I didn’t spend too much time doing it, just 5-10 minutes each day but doing that certainly helped and kept me busy even if it was for a short period of time.

A big thing I obviously did was blogging. Last year was definitely a big turning point for me with blogging. It was the first year that I made the decision to buy a plan on wordpress and it has been so beneficial to me. My stats and engagement grew and I met so many wonderful blogging friends. Spending time thinking of new content, writing posts and just generally spending more time with my blog kept me busy and it still keeps me busy to this day.

I spent a lot of time journaling. I watched a lot of journaling youtubers such as Helen Colebrook and this meant I really got into creative journaling. Journaling during lockdown was really beneficial to me as it kept me busy but also helped me out mentally. I’m a real advocate for journaling and what it has done for me.

Of course, the majority of my time was spent watching Netflix series. I was majorly behind on my watch list back then so I ended up spending lots of time catching up. I watched Tiger King and it felt like everyone was watching that, as well as The Good Place and How I Met Your Mother (god I hate that ending.)

So overall Lockdown wasn’t too bad for me. I struggled, I cried, I laughed, I smiled but I got through it.

Thank you for reading! Love Beth


6 thoughts on “What was Lockdown Really Like?

  1. Even though lockdown forced us to change our way of life within one day I think it was also an opportunity to find out alternative ways to keep ourselves active and creative. It all starts from within. I am glad your experience was not bad.
    Thank you for sharing it!

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  2. It’s amazing how adaptive we all can be and find new ways to exist. This means there will be new struggles and issues too but I think overall we’ve coped so well given the circumstances. The pandemic was (still is) a really unique time that revealed so much about us as individuals and as a society. Thanks for sharing your experiences and perspectives!

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