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8 Things to do in London

London is one of my absolute favourite places to visit. Nothing gets me more excited than travelling on the train and seeing the city skyline emerge. It makes me so happy and pumped for what I’m about to do there that day. There are so many different things to do in London. In today’s post, I want to share 8 things that you can do. I’ve got a variety of things in this list, all with different price ranges so there’s something suitable for everyone.

1) See a show on the West End

This is probably quite an obvious one but going to see a show on the West End is a fun thing to do in London. Of course, you have what I would argue are the big shows, such as Wicked, Les Mis etc but I would also recommend visits to some theatres on the outskirts of Central London. For example, I really enjoyed my visit to the Park Theatre near Finsbury Park which has a lovely cafe alongside it. In these times, all theatres need our support so I would definitely recommend going to those smaller theatres too as well as seeing some iconic shows.

The Park Theatre located near Finsbury Park

2) Visit a Museum

Visiting museums is a great choice for things to do in London. The majority of museums in London are free so this is good for those looking to not have an expensive day out. My personal favourites are the Science Museum and the Natural History Museum, which are both located near South Kensington Tube station.

3) Go to an attraction

There are so many attractions to visit in London. Popular ones include the London Eye, London Dungeons, Madame Tussauds and more. These are things that you will have to pay money to experience. However, even seeing the London Eye in person is quite breathtaking. If you’re looking to go further out of London, then the Harry Potter Studios Tour is located 15 minutes away from Watford Junction and that is something definitely worth doing, especially if you’re into Harry Potter.

The London Eye

4) Visit a market

There are so many markets to visit in London. One I would highly recommend is Camden Market, although I also really like Covent Garden Market and Borough Market, with the latter being great for food! There’s so much being offered in these various markets, and a lot of them are rather aesthetically pleasing.

5) Visit an Art Gallery

There are so many wonderful art galleries in London. I actually love going to visit them and it’s something I want to do more often. Again, there are a few in London that you can get in for free. I really like the National Gallery which is located in Trafalger Square and is such an iconic building. I also like the V&A museum, mainly because I went on a school trip there for Art Graphics and I had the best time. One art gallery I really want to visit is the Saatchi Gallery.

The Saatchi Gallery

6) Visit the Sky Garden

The Sky Garden is a wonderful place to get some spectacular views of London. I was going to recommend The Shard as that also offers wonderful views but what I love about the Sky Garden is it’s free! I’m all about saving money so I would go for the Sky Garden!

The Sky Garden

7) Visit Regents Park

I initially was going to include Primrose Hill separately from Regent’s Park but I decided to include it here as it’s in the same area. Regent’s Park is absolutely gorgeous with lots to explore and see. There’s various attractions within Regent’s Park, such as the London Zoo and the Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre so there’s definitely lots to do! Primrose Hill offers stunning views of London too so I would definitely recommend a visit here!

8) Visit Baker Street

If you’re a Sherlock fan, a visit to Baker Street is definitely needed. I would also recommend going to the location where BBC Sherlock is filmed. It’s located in North Gower Street which is a quick walk away from Euston Station. There are also other filming locations to find in London for BBC Sherlock but even just visiting Baker Street is a good experience.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed and got some inspiration for things to do in London.

Love Beth


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