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5 of my Favourite Highlighters

Using a highlighter is probably one of my favourite steps in my makeup routine. I’m someone that adores an intense highlight and as a result, I’ve collected quite a few. I didn’t want this blog post to be about 10 hours long so I’m going to talk about 5 of my favourites. The ironic thing is that 4 of them are from Revolution Beauty which just goes to show they do amazing highlighters. All of these highlighters are also less than £15 too so it’s all relatively affordable. Without further ado, here are 5 of my favourite highlighters.

Revolution x Soph Face Palette Duo


This product is actually the first of 2 products mentioned in this post by the Youtuber Sophdoeslife in collaboration with Revolution. This palette features 2 highlighters inside, with relatively big pans which you can see below. It costs £8 and I have the shade “cookies and cream” which is the medium shade.

I’ve only had this product for a couple of weeks as it’s a relatively new launch but I absolutely adore these 2 highlighters. The colours are absolutely beautiful and the formula is gorgeous. They’re so soft to touch. They are also really pigmented so you need the tiniest bit on your brush.

Above are the swatches from the palette duo. As you can see, they swatch really well too!

Revolution Soph Highlighter Palette

This is the 2nd product from Soph in collaboration with Revolution. It’s actually part of the very first release so it’s been around for a while. The palette features 8 highlighters and it also costs £8.

This has been a firm favourite of mine for quite some time. The formula of these highlighters is gorgeous and I love the shade range. I can only use the top 4 shades as well as the purple shade but that doesn’t matter to me as I’m glad everyone can use this palette.

I’ve swatched the top 4 highlighters as they’re the ones I use the most. My favourite shade is the golden shade. It’s such a gorgeous shade and is my idea of a perfect highlighter.

XX Revolution XXposure Highlighter Powder

This is a highlighter from a relatively new brand owned by Revolution. I saw somebody on Youtube rave about this particular highlighter so I had to get it for myself. I went for the shade Echo although there are many other beautiful shades to choose from. It costs £12 so it’s slightly more expensive than products from Revolution or Revolution Pro.

This is such a beautiful highlighter. The formula is really lovely and soft so it doesn’t look textured on the skin. It’s also very pigmented so again (there’s a running theme) this won’t be for you if you prefer more of a natural look.

This is the swatch of the highlighter. As you can see from what I originally said, it’s very pigmented but absolutely stunning!

I Heart Revolution Rose Gold Glow Mini Chocolate Highlighter Palette

This is a palette from another brand by Revolution. I Heart Revolution is probably best known for their dupes of the Two Faced chocolate palettes but recently they’ve done collaborations with Disney. This palette comes with 2 highlighters and costs £6.

I love the inprint on the highlighters. It almost resembles melted chocolate. I use both of the shades in here as I think they’re both really pretty. However, I have a slight preference on the gold shade as I tend to prefer that over pink toned highlighters. I guess I’m thankful for that highlighter being in the bigger pan! The formula of these is also really lovely. They’re super pigmented as per my preference and I’m really happy to have this palette in my collection.

Here are the swatches! They’re both absolutely stunning but that gold is just another level.

Ofra Highlighter (Mini)

This is the only high end highlighter to feature on this list but it’s probably my all time favourite. I have wanted to try Ofra highlighters for so long and when I saw that Beauty Bay sold mini versions, I jumped to get one. This is in the shade Rodeo Drive and the mini version is £13.95.

As I mentioned, this is my favourite highlighter. The formula is nothing like I have ever seen before. You need the tiniest bit with this highlighter because of how pigmented it is. That’s why I’m not bothered that this is the mini version. I use this all the time pretty much and I’ve hardly made a dent in it.

It’s such a gorgeous highlighter and one I would highly recommend. It swatches beautifully too so this is a big recommend!

Thank you for reading! Love Beth


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