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7 Bullet Journal Myths Debunked

When it comes to using a Bullet Journal, you hear quite a few myths surrounding the system. Perhaps this has even stopped you from using the system. Maybe you’re too nervous to start or you end up doubting yourself. Today’s post is all about debunking those myths so that you can feel more confident and know that you are capable of using the Bullet Journal system because guess what? Everyone is capable. Let’s get to it.

“It’s too time-consuming”

No. A Bullet Journal is only as time-consuming as you want it to be. If you go back to Ryder Carroll who is the creator of the system, the way he sets up the Bullet Journal takes no time at all. If you’re focusing on the system itself without any form of decoration, then of course it takes no time at all.

I also want to point out that you’re not setting up every single spread all at once. You only set up spreads as and when you need them.

“Just buy a planner”

Whilst I do get that, a Bullet Journal is customisable so whatever you want, you can include. For example, I like to include a gratitude log as shown below.

That’s one of the reasons why I like the system so much. You’re able to include what you need and you’re also able to ditch spreads when you don’t need them.

“I want to start a Bullet Journal but I’m not good at art”

You do not have to be good at art to start a Bullet Journal. A Bullet Journal does not have to include art on the spreads. That is completely optional and entirely down to you. If we look at the original system like I mentioned before, it is super simple. The system has merely evolved to include decoration as an option.

Even if you say you’re not good at art but you want to include decoration, there are lots of washi tape and stickers out there which you can use to add that extra something. I’ve created a very simple cover page below which I think anyone can do. The best thing is I think it still looks good.

“It’s too expensive”

This is one of the most common myths I’ve heard. Whilst being on Instagram can have its benefits in terms of being a part of the community, there are definitely some disadvantages. It’s common to see people sharing spreads with lots of stationery and fancy notebooks with various price ranges.

It can be disheartening if you’re new to the system and you’re surrounded by expensive notebooks and stationery but the truth is you don’t need this to have a Bullet Journal. I, and many other people, have always said the only things you need to start a Bullet Journal are a pen and a notebook. When I started my first Bullet Journal, I used a notebook I had in the house and a pen in my pencil case that I took to college. These were both really inexpensive and worked fine for me. You can see in the picture below.

Of course, I would like to add that it’s not a bad thing to use expensive stationery either. If you want to treat yourself then that is absolutely fine! It’s what I do. It’s what some other people do too. It’s all down to you!

“I can’t do calligraphy”

You don’t need to do calligraphy in order to use a Bullet Journal. Calligraphy is a style and a decor choice but you can still create some beautiful spreads without calligraphy like I did in the below picture.

“You need to be consistent”

You definitely do not need to be consistent to have a Bullet Journal. The system is designed for as and when you need it. It’s quite normal to leave sections blank when using your Bullet Journal and it’s definitely something I do.

In the picture below, I wanted to share the daily rapid logging system and how this goes to show you don’t need to be consistent. As you can see, I put down some tasks for Monday and then I skipped straight to Thursday. Sometimes you don’t need to use your Bullet Journal every day and that’s completely okay.

“It has to be perfect”

This is not true. If you could all see the amount of mistakes in my Bullet Journal you’d laugh. Using a Bullet Journal has actually allowed me to embrace the mistakes. It’s also easy to cover the mistakes in my opinion but I don’t often do that.

In the above picture, you can see the dates are wrong. This doesn’t matter to me too much as I know what I mean and that’s all that matters.

A Bullet Journal is for you. It’s for your eyes and it’s how you want to use it. I hope this post helped in some way. Thank you for reading!

Love Beth


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