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Faber-Castell Metallic Highlighters Review

A few months ago, the lovely team over at Faber-Castell sent over their gorgeous metallic highlighters. I had been eyeing them up for quite some time so I had to say yes when they offered to gift me some. I thought I would do a review of them so I hope you enjoy it!

Disclaimer: Faber-Castell do not know I’m making this review. All opinions are my own.


I want to start this review by looking at the information provided by Faber-Castell. These highlighters have water-based ink, with a durable chisel tip with special tip marks in 3 different line widths: 1, 2 and 5mm. They are ideal for all popular types of paper too.

The quality of these highlighters is very good. The ink flows through the body extremely nicely. It doesn’t skip, it’s smooth to write with and there’s not much pooling of ink. The tip is definitely of good quality but I haven’t seen 3 different line widths. I’ve seen 2 line widths using these highlighters but not 3.

Can we also talk about the packaging? I think these highlighters look so aesthetically pleasing which I personally love. The packaging feels very sturdy and of good quality too.


These highlighters come in 8 different colours:

  • shiny silver
  • brilliant ruby
  • glorious red
  • pearl rose
  • magnificent blue
  • shimmering violet
  • glamorous gold
  • precious green

I love the range of colours in this 8 pack. I think there’s a good variety and I love the fact they included a silver and gold. I also adore the names and the fact they added something different to it rather than just calling them silver, blue, green etc.

So what is the metallic aspect like? It’s gorgeous. For me, it combines a shiny tone with elements of glitter to create that metallic effect. I think the picture below shows what I mean. You can see flecks of glitter within the ink but at the same time you can see that shine I’m talking about.

Would I recommend these highlighters? Yes. I think they are absolutely gorgeous. They’re a focal point of my stationery collection. If you would like to get these highlighters for yourself, click here.

Thank you for reading

Love Beth


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