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Going to University? Here’s how to Choose the Perfect Accommodation

Moving on to University is such a big part of some people’s lives. For some of us, it involves moving away from home for the first time. There are various types of university accommodation out there, such as university halls, private student accommodation and renting a house or a flat from a landlord or letting agency. Choosing which one to go for is a big deal but hopefully this post will help with that. It is important to note that everyone will prefer something different but hopefully, this post will give some guidance! Without further ado, let’s get to it!

University Halls

The majority of first year students will stay in university halls. This is accommodation provided by the university that’s normally located on campus, although this all depends on whether the university is a campus or city university. There are different types of university halls, such as en-suites which is where you have your own bathroom, shared bathrooms, studios etc so there’s a good choice depending on what you’re looking for.

University Halls at Edge hill University


  • University halls will generally be in a good location. If they’re situated on campus, your lectures, seminars and other necessities will be very close to you. If they’re not on campus, they’ll at least be nearby to what you need!
  • They allow independence but you’ll still have support. You can live on your own but there’s still a network of support from the university in terms of maintenance, bills already provided etc.
  • They’re very social. You’ll be with a bunch of other students doing a bunch of different courses so there’s a chance to meet lots of new people.


  • There’s no choice who you live with. Some universities offer this but the majority don’t. This can be quite nerve-wracking for some people but others will say it’s all part of the experience. I do understand people will feel quite apprehensive about this though which is why I have made note of it.
  • You might not get your 1st-choice accommodation. Universities will allow you to pick preferences for accommodation but it’s not always guaranteed you’ll get your top choice. This becomes even more unlikely if you’re picking accommodation through clearing or later on.
  • They will be noisy or messy. Yes, unfortunately those pictures you see on social media or university kitchens can be true. This all depends on who you are with as some people will be more messy than others. Paper-thin walls are a common theme in university halls so expect to hear everything.

Private Student Halls

Private student halls are very similar to university halls but they are owned by private companies rather than the university. Popular examples are Unite Students and IQ students. You’ll get your own room and have communal areas like university halls. They’re very common in big cities with multiple universities such as London, Liverpool and Manchester. Room types are near enough the same as university halls in terms of en-suite, shared bathroom etc.


  • You can meet people who are going to different universities. Of course, this may be considered a con to some but you can look at it in a sense you’ll be around a large variety of people, making these halls very sociable.
  • You’ll be in a good location. Of course, these halls won’t be on campus but as these halls will be in the city centre, you’ll have everything you need to access in a reasonable distance.


  • These may be more expensive. Up front costs should be taken into consideration and it will need to be checked as to whether you have to pay for anything on top of your rent.
  • Like university halls, the communal areas will get messy and there will be a fair bit of noise.

Private Accommodation

Private accommodation is where you end up renting a house or a flat from a letting agent or landlord. The majority of 2nd and 3rd year students will move into this type of accommodation but it’s not uncommon for first years to move into this type of accommodation. You may choose to do this if you want that independence or you may have missed out on university halls.


  • You get a real sense of independence. It introduces you into the housing sector and renting. Depending on where and who you live with, bills can sometimes be included in the rent. Otherwise, you’re responsible for the bills. Of course, this might be a con to some people.
  • You’ll be in the local area. If you like the town or city which your university is in, you’ll like the fact the majority of houses and flats will be in the area. Some will also be in a good location in terms of supermarkets and shops.


  • You will be slightly further out. I did include this in the pros section too but if you’re someone who likes being on campus, this won’t be for you.
  • You may experience issues with the letting agent or landlord. You’ll be dealing directly with the letting agent or landlord and unfortunately, you will get some people who are not very nice when you have some issues.

I hope you found this blog post useful in some way! Thank you for reading.

Love Beth


6 thoughts on “Going to University? Here’s how to Choose the Perfect Accommodation

  1. Love that you list the pros and cons of different housing aspects! I enjoy company but the thought of having or sharing a rented place is also appealing.
    I hope to be going to college by next year; I still have a couple steps to take before I get there. The sudden availability of being able to take classes virtually is also a new factor. 🙂

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  2. This is a great post, and it’s nice to get the insight of someone else. I’ve just finished my degree and I opted for on-campus housing during the first year, and I rented with my friends in the second year. I think that both definitely had their pros and cons, but for the first year it was great to be around lots of other people- it made it easier to make friends for sure x

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