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My New Journaling Routine

Journaling has become a big focal point in my life. It’s something that massively helps me with my mental health. The feeling of being able to dump the contents of my brain, how I’m feeling, what I’m thinking about and how my day went is something I really like.

My routine with journaling has changed somewhat. I used to do all kinds of journaling in one notebook, such as a moleskine. Last year though, I ordered a travelers notebook cover and 3 inserts and I have since moved into this system which I will explain today.

I hope that you get some inspiration from this post and it helps you with your journaling journey!

Daily Journal – Insert 1

The first insert is where I have my daily journal. I use a Standard TN Good Inkpressions Undated Weekly Planner from Start Bay Notebooks. Each spread has the days of the week on the left side with square grid paper on the right.

In terms of how and what I journal about in this insert, I was heavily inspired by Helen at Journal With Purpose. This is the more factual part of my journaling. I consider it rapid and I just talk about what happened each day. I don’t really talk about how I’m feeling due to the limited amount of space. I like this though as it’s all very much to the point.

On the right hand side, this is very much catered to me. I include football results here due to that interesting me but you could use this page for anything you like. Below are some spreads I’ve completed!

Feelings Journal – Insert 2

The 2nd insert is my feelings journal and this is very much what it says on the tin. This is where I document how I’m feeling and go into a lot more detail on how my day has been. I use a square grid insert which I got from Wonderings on Amazon. This is an insert I write in every day.

This is a very free flowing part of my journal. I write as much or as little as I want, depending on the day and what has happened. I’m not afraid to say how I’m feeling in this particular one so if I want to rant, I’ll rant. If I need somewhere to calm down, it will be here.

I never share this part of my journal due to it being very personal so I won’t be sharing any pictures. There’s no decoration in this insert. It’s all about the writing which is the way I like it.

Random Journal – Insert 3

The final insert is where I go to town with decoration. Once again, I use a square grid insert and this is where I do all kinds of journaling. This is a journal I only use a couple of times a week.

If there is a big thing on my mind, this is where I will write about it. For example, when I had a bereavement in the family, I did a journal spread in here focusing on the good times. I find this really beneficial for my mental health because I am able to talk but I’m also able to have some me time with decorating.

Another type of journaling I include in this insert is journaling prompts. I’m a patron subscriber of Helen over at Journal With Purpose and each month, she releases journal prompts. I really enjoy this type of journaling and I look forward to the beginning of each month when the prompts are released!

Below are some examples.

I really hope you enjoyed this blog post and it gave you some insight into how I journal!

Love Beth


4 thoughts on “My New Journaling Routine

  1. Your journal looks so good, and sounds very relaxing! I don’t journal very often and when I do, its simply a word vomit without any aesthetics. But I do wish I did it more often.

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