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January 2021 Bullet Journal Setup

I can not believe it’s 2021. I can’t thank you all enough for the support during 2020, especially with blogmas. I had so much fun!

Today’s post is all about my January Bullet Journal setup. This month, I went for a fireflies theme as I figured it would look really lovely on the different papers in my notebook! Without further ado, let’s get to it.

Cover Page

For the cover page, I went for a simple layout with fireflies in a mason jar. I then included January in cursive writing and drew fireflies around to fill the empty space. I really like how this looks on the black paper!

For my quote page, I had to include song lyrics from Fireflies by Owl City and then I included more fireflies surrounding the lyrics. I used black fineliners on this page due to the paper being white but I love the contrast!

Monthly Spread

For my monthly spread, I went for a combined calendar and vertical spread which I like to use every now and then. The calendar spaces are 3 by 3 dots which works really well for me. I also included a monthly goals section, as well as my social media stats which I always have in my monthly spreads. I also included another mason jar doodle and lots of fireflies and I’m really happy with how it looks!

Habit and Mood Tracker

My habit tracker is another throwback to the way I used to bullet journal back in 2017. I went for a combined habit tracker in a landscape layout so I could try something different. I used to love this layout for my habit tracker and I’m looking forward to using it in January. I also think the quote at the bottom fits in not only with the habit tracker but the theme as well. I also included more doodles and I’m really happy with how it turned out!

As for my mood tracker, I drew 31 mason jars across the page. The plan is to draw fireflies in the mason jar to represent my mood, so 3 fireflies means happy, 2 okay and 1 sad. This is something different for me which I like!

Sleep Tracker and Blog Stats

I have been using my sleep tracker for quite a while and I really enjoy having it in my monthly setups. I’ve been using this particular layout for a while as it’s quick to set up, looks good and gives me the information I need. I also included some firefly doodles and I’m really happy with how it looks.

The blog stats tracker works really well for me. I’ve incorporated this into my monthly setup for a few months now and find it very useful. The layout is exactly the same, with the total for the month on the side and more doodles. I really like the way it looks!

Gratitude and Reasons to be Proud

I always include a gratitude log in my bullet journal setup as it’s such a beneficial spread to me. I won’t go too much into it as I always include it every month.

I put my reasons to be proud spread next to my gratitude log and set it up in the same way so it matched. I love using this spread as I love thinking about small accomplishments I’ve made.

Brain Dump

You all know how much I love a good brain dump page. I don’t need to say too much.

Thank you for reading!

Love Beth


21 thoughts on “January 2021 Bullet Journal Setup

  1. I love the idea of tracking your mood and habits. As you fill them out you will definitely start to see a pattern between the two and learn to manage it. Can you please make a bullet journey and do a giveaway!

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  2. omg you decided to go with a black paged bullet journal this year! I always considered getting one, but I’m someone who constantly loses their pens when running around, that the idea of only being able to use certain types of pens stresses me out, aha! It looks so stunning though. Happy January xx

    Melina | http://www.melinaelisa.com

    Liked by 1 person

      1. The uniball signo is the one i currently use but i think i must have gotten a dud because it is so patchy and the ink bleeds sadly. Ill give the Sakura a go! Thanks 🤗

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  3. Fantastic blog post. I really like the idea of journaliing your moods and habits. I use a cycle tracker that usually tells me when I’m going to be moody haha! Deffo will try to include writing a journal into my nighttime routine! I wrote a great stationery gift guide recently, featuring lots of beautiful diaries and journals, you should check it out! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

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