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BLOGMAS DAY 21: 7 Ways to Use Washi Tape in your Journal

Welcome to day 21 of blogmas.

I don’t know about you but my washi tape collection is massive. There are so many beautiful tapes out there, with various colours, patterns, thicknesses, lettering and more. Sometimes I feel I have so many I don’t know what to do with them all.

Thankfully, the versatility of washi tape means there are various ways you can use washi tape in your journal. There are lots of brilliant ideas out there but today I’m going to share 7 with you.

Decorating Your Pages

The most obvious way to use washi tape is decoration. Adding washi tape as decoration is a simple way of tying up a journal spread to make it look complete if you’ve gone for a specific theme or colour code. I like using washi tape in large empty spaces as it’s a quick way to fill it with decoration.

Sticking Cards/Letters/Pictures in your Journal

I love sticking cards/letters/pictures etc into my journal with washi tape. It adds something a little different to your spreads, creating a scrapbook like effect. Sticking these in with washi tape is also a good way to create more room for writing or other decoration. If you stick just the one side down, you can fold it over and have that room underneath.

Creating Neat Edges

Washi tape is a brilliant way to create neat edges when you want a block of colour for whatever reason. You might want to use that as a heading, write a quote in or something along those lines. If you look at the picture above, you can see the difference when I used washi as opposed to not using it. It looks a lot better I think!

Using it as Stickers

Sometimes you get washi that has the same picture repeated on the tape and these are brilliant to create stickers. Just cut off one picture on the washi and either leave it square or cut around the picture and there you go!

Creating Borders

Washi tape can be used to create lovely borders around a spread. It looks even more nice when you have some in the same colour scheme like the picture above. It adds something that little bit different which I like.

Covering up Mistakes

We’ve all done it. Mistakes are a pain in the backside when you’re using your journal. They can be quite annoying to cover up but washi tape is a good way to solve this problem, especially with smaller mistakes. Perhaps you accidentally write down the wrong day or something like that.

Creating Headings

Washi tape is also great for creating headings like days of the week or something like that. It looks great when you have a lovely pattern like in the picture above!

Thank you for reading! I hope you managed to find some ideas!

Love Beth


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