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BLOGMAS DAY 20: 6 Bullet Journal Spreads to Help You with Blogging

Welcome to day 20 of blogmas.

If you have a Bullet Journal, you’ll be aware that there are so many spreads you can use. Today’s post is all about ones to help you with your blogging. We’ve got a variety of spreads here so let’s get to it!

Blog Post Ideas

The first one is a blog post ideas page. This is where you can jot down all of the blog posts you want to write at some point. Sometimes you might get inspiration somewhere or an idea for a post might pop into your head and this is the perfect place to put it. As you can see, I’ve also highlighted some blog posts on this spread which you can use to show that you’ve written that particular blog post!

Blog Stats

Sometimes there’s a need to keep track of your blog statistics. For example, if you’ve contacted a brand to work with, they might ask for this information or maybe you just like the idea of keeping track of things like this. Whatever reason, there are different ways you can choose to set this up. I originally liked to track my statistics daily and I did that for some time. It’s only been recently that I made the decision to also keep an eye on the total for each month. I like the idea of having both but of course you can change that to just a monthly tracker or even a weekly tracker!

Post and Promote Tracker

I don’t know about you all but I love the idea of checklists and to-dos. When you publish a blog post, there are a few things that you need to remember. Sometimes that might be clicking the publish button or making a note for when it’s been scheduled. You then might want to promote your blog on different social medias. A check-list for this is a good way of keeping track what you’ve done in terms of posting and promoting. I’ve created two check-lists on this photo. One for week one and another for week 2.

Blog Post Schedule

When it comes to the way I blog, I like to do things in advance. If I can be a month ahead with my blog writing, then I feel good about that. Having a blog schedule means you can plan when you want specific blog posts to be published. I used post-it notes to write the blog post down because we all know things can change and you might need to alter some things here and there. Alternatively, you can write your posts out in pencil and rub them out if you need to but I quite like the look of the post-it notes myself!

Blogging Goals

I love setting goals for myself in all aspects of my life and blogging is no exception. Creating a spread specifically relating to your blogging goals allows you to focus on them more. It also creates more room (depending on the amount of goals you have) to write down the goal clearly and actions you need to take to complete that goal.

Blog Notes

Having a blog notes spread is a good way to write down everything related to blogging. You might be reading a blog post and want to take notes. Perhaps you’ve been mentioned in a blog tag and want to make note of what the tag entails. You can essentialy use this as a blog brain dump.

I hope you got some inspiration for different spreads! Thank you for reading!

Love Beth


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