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BLOGMAS DAY 18: 5 Weekly Spread Layouts to Try in your Bullet Journal

Welcome to day 18 of blogmas!

As I’m sure you’re all probably aware of by now, the bullet journal system has become such a focal point of my life. 2021 will be my 5th year using this system and over time, I’ve tried various spreads and layouts. Today we will be focusing on the weekly spread.

There are so many layouts to choose from when it comes to th weekly spread. I’ve tried quite a few over the years but these are ones I always find myself going back to. I highly recommend all of these and I think they’re extremely functonal!

Also, one more note before we get into it, these aren’t the technical names for these layouts. This is what I call them and it’s stuck. Anyway, let’s get to it!

Vertical Weekly Spread

I absolutely adore the vertical weekly spread. I just think it looks really professional and functional. You quite often see planner spreads with this kind of layout. As you can tell, I quite like having the openness as opposed to lines but that is something you could add! Sometimes I also like to add the option of splitting my events and tasks on the page. I just love how customisable this spread is.

Horizontal with Sidebar Weekly Spread

I love using the horizontal with a sidebar spread because there are so many options as to what one can include in the sidebar. Events is naturally a good place to start so if you like your events to be separate from your tasks, this spread is a good option. You could also include a mini calendar to show what week it is in the month, a notes section, a mini habit tracker etc. There are so many options! You could also include lots of little doodles!

Box Weekly Spread

I absolutely adore the box weekly spread as I think it’s a perfect combination of the vertical spread and the horizontal spread. There’s a lot of room for you to write but everything is based out nicely which I like. I’m particularly a fan of the box layout without the lines like the picture above. I just think it looks so clean!

Spiral Weekly Spread

The spiral weekly spread is a new discovery of mine. I like this one so much because of how different it is. You have the doodles set in the middle which creates almost like a statement piece but you still have plenty of room which I like.

Horizontal Spread

The horizontal spread is such a cute layout for me. There are two ways that I like to structure this. I either put the days of the week at the top and have the tasks and events beneath or I put the days of the week or numbers to the side and have the tasks and events next to them. I think both look really nice!

And there you have it! Here are 5 weekly spreads for you to try in your Bullet Journal. Which one is your favourite? Thank you for reading!

Love Beth


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