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BLOGMAS DAY 12: 6 Festive Spreads to Include in your Bullet Journal

Welcome to day 12 of blogmas.

The festive period can be quite a daunting time for some of us. It can feel overwhelming, there may be lots to do and we just don’t know where to start. I’ve created 6 spreads you can include in your Bullet Journal to make a sense of this time of year. Some are fun, others are a genuine help. Let’s get to it!

Christmas Countdown

I thought we should start off with something a little fun and that’s a christmas countdown. The idea of this is to draw something like a candy cane in the picture above and colour it off as it gets closer to Christmas! I think this is such a cute idea and you end up with a pretty doodle at the end!

Parcel Tracker

I figured that this particular spread would be beneficial given the current climate. We might not be able to do our shopping in person due to lockdown and some of you may prefer to do online shopping. This spread will allow you to make a note of everything you’ve ordered, when the estimated due date is and when it’s arrived!

Master To-do List

A master to-do list is great if you have a lot to do over the festive period. You might need to buy decorations, get Christmas cards, get party food etc. I left the page blank apart from a few decorations as you could easily categories your to-do list if you needed to and this gives room for that!

What Gifts Did I Receive

We’ve got another fun spread here! I don’t know about you but I do find it difficult to remember exactly what I got for Christmas each year and I think this spread would be ideal to remember the gifts you received and who they were from! I decided to include them in little gift doodles and I’m actually looking forward to having this one for myself in my setup for December which you can see here!

Christmas Dinner Shopping List

The amount that goes into a Christmas Dinner or food for Christmas Day is actually quite ridiculous. There’s so many things to buy and things to remember to get so I figured a dedicated spread to your Christmas Dinner needs would be perfect. You could turn this into a Christmas Food list if you end up having a little buffet in the evening!

Gift Tracker

I think this is another spread that’s a huge necessity. Getting gifts for everyone is extremely stressful so I think this gift tracker is perfect for those who want to keep organised. I included sections for the gift, who it’s for, has it been bought, has it been wrapped and is it with the person. Tis will keep you on track for the entire process!

And there you have it! I hope you were able to find some inspiration here! Thank you for reading!

Love Beth


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