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BLOGMAS DAY 11: Christmas Day Morning Routine

Welcome to day 11 of blogmas!

I don’t know about you all but I really enjoy reading blog posts where it’s just someone writing about a particular topic. There’s no real structure. It’s just someone writing passionately about something. I thought I would write about my Christmas Day morning routine and my thoughts and feelings throughout the morning. I do reckon this could be a relatively short post so I do apologise about that but I hope you enjoy nonetheless.

I’m basing this on what I’ve done on previous mornings as I’m obviously not a time traveler but my morning routines on Christmas Day don’t tend to change too much each year. I’m rambling now so let’s get to it.

Does anyone else feel like the older they’re getting the later they’re getting up on Christmas Day? I remember when I was much younger and my family and I would all be up by around 7am. Nowadays, we’re all usually awake by 9am approximately. We don’t do stockings at the end of the bed so I immediately head downstairs and into the living room where all of the presents are waiting underneath the Christmas tree. Sometimes I have to wait or they have to wait for me as getting out of bed regardless of a Christmas is a bit of a struggle.

Once everyone is downstairs, we begin opening the presents. I love watching everyone’s reactions as they open presents. It’s really lovely to see what they think after you’ve bought a gift for somebody. However, my favourite part is watching my Mum and Dad come swooping in with a bin bag and tidying up the mess away straight away. We can’t possibly have a messy room in our house!

After everyone has opened presents, we head into the dining room to have breakfast. I don’t have anything fancy for breakfast on Christmas Day. I normally have marmite on toast which is my go-to choice for breakfast any day. Of course, a good old cup of tea is always there. One of my favourite things about eating breakfast and actually heading downstairs is being able to smell the Christmas dinner cooking.

Once I’ve finished eating breakfast, it’s time. The best part. The part we’ve all been waiting for. Gathering all of your presents into a pile and taking them upstairs to your room. I don’t know why I like that part so much but it’s just a part of the day that screams Christmas. I then have a bath/shower and get dressed. I like to be comfortable on Christmas Day nowadays so I tend to go for jeans and a good old Christmas jumper.

I then do my skincare and makeup. I do like to go quite glam for my makeup due to it being a special day. Also, my parents are very photo heavy on Christmas so I want to look good. I then spend a bit of time just chilling and having some me time whilst everyone else gets ready. It’s important for me that I don’t get too overwhelmed on Christmas as I’m very introverted and I do get tired after a lot of social interaction. Self care is important.

Once everyone is ready, I head downstairs and put something on the TV like a Christmas film or whatever the channels are showing. And hey. There’s always a drink ready.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Thank you for reading.

Love Beth


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