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BLOGMAS DAY 9: A-Z About Me (Part 2)

Welcome to Blogmas Day 9!

Back in 2019, I uploaded a blog post called A-Z About Me which was a really fun blog post to write! As I’ve aged since then, I thought I would challenge myself to writing a part 2 which was very difficult but I managed it albeit one which you’ll see very soon! Anyway, let’s get to it!

A – Age

This is the one that has remained the same. I mean my age has changed since I wrote the original post. I’m now 21 years old which is slightly terrifying.

B – Broken Arm

Yep, I broke my arm when I was about 9 years old I think. I was with my friend down at my local playground and I fell off a climbing frame and fell on my arm funny. It bloody hurt! I do remember feeling quite popular at school though because everyone wanted to write on my cast.

C – Come From Away

Come From Away is currently my favourite musical and has been for some time. It’s the show I’ve seen the most amount of times in the west end and I honestly urge everyone to see it at least once because it’s incredible.

D – Days Out

Some of my happiest memories are from going on days out. I used to (and still do) love going to London for the theatre, theme parks, sight-seeing, shopping etc. I can’t wait to go out and explore the world a bit more sometime in the future.

E – Eyeshadow Palettes

Over the last year or so, I have developed quite a collection of eyeshadow palettes. I’ve definitely got more into makeup as I’ve gotten older and my drawer is just full to the brim with palettes.

F – Family

I love my family more than anything. I’m so thankful I get on well with my parents and my brother!

G – Grey

I adore the colour grey. When I went to university, that was my colour of choice for my room and my current room at home is also painted grey. I love it.

H – Haven

You might be looking at this one and thinking, eh? I work at Haven Holidays as an activities team member which I absolutely love doing!

I – Iced Lattes

I know this is so basic but Iced Lattes are my absolute favourite. Whenever I go to a coffee shop, if I’m wanting coffee, an iced latte is my go-to with vanilla syrup!

J – Joggers

Has anyone else been living in joggers since lockdown? If I’m not going anywhere, I’m always wearing them because they’re so comfortable and warm. Jeans? I don’t know them.

K – Kendall Rae

I was really struggling with K so I went for Kendall Rae as she was the youtub channel I was watching when I planned this blog post!

L – Liverpool

I’m still very much a Liverpool supporter thanks to my Dad. I’m really pleased with how we are doing so far this season!

M – Music

I spend quite a lot of my time listening to music. I could quite easily sit all day and daydream listening to music.

N – North Wales

Last November, we made the big move from South East England to North Wales and have become extremely settled. I really like being here and how peaceful it is!

O – Oscar

Oscar is my 10 year old ginger moggy. He is such a cute thing and always up for lots of cuddles. We’ve had him since he was a kitten and he’s so big and fluffy now!

P – Pumpkin

Pumpkin is my 1 year old ginger kitten and she is adorable. She’s not as big fan of cuddles like Oscar all the time but you know when she’s in a fussy mood as she won’t leave you alone.

Q – Quick-tempered

I’m not afraid to admit that I am so quick-tempered. The smallest of things annoy me which isn’t a great trait to have but hey ho.

R – Reflection

I love reflecting on things in my journal. I reflect on my day, what I’m thinking about, past memories etc.

S – Stationery

I am such a stationery lover. My collection is absolutely huge and long may it continue to grow.

T – Travelers Notebook

The travelers notebook is the system I’ll be using for my journaling for 2021. I’ve been eyeing up for quite some time and I finally decided next year would be the time I make that switch.

U – Unsure

This isn’t me not deciding what to put for U. I genuinely just become so unsure on a few things in my life. I constantly doubt myself on decisions I make which isn’t fun.

V – Vegetable I hate

I can’t stand sprouts. don’t know how anyone can eat them, especially at Christmas time.

W – Workout

I’m actually trying to workout more which is going really well. Sort of. Kind of.

X – Xmas

I just had to include xmas at some point in this post. this is 100% my favourite time of year!

Y – Yearbook

I still have my year 11 yearbook which I read through recently and it brought back so many memories of secondary school.

Z – Zzzzzz

I’m all about sleep.

Thank you for reading! This was really fun to do but really hard at times. I hope you enjoyed it!

Love Beth


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