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BLOGMAS DAY 8: Chalkola Watercolour Brush Pen Review #Gifted

Welcome to day 8 of blogmas.

Seeing as I enjoyed writing my blog post about the Dingbats Atopen Pens, I thought I would do another brush pen review. I absolutely adore using brush pens and have developed quite a collection so there is definitely more to come from this series.

A few months ago, Chalkola contacted me via Instagram asking if I would like to try out their brush pens. Chalkola are an art brand who sell a bunch of art materials such as chalk markers, paints, brush pens and more. For full transparency, these were gifted to me but Chalkola have no idea I’m writing this review. Without further ado, let’s get to it.


The quality of these brush pens are very good. They have a comfortable grip which I always appreciate and they look good too.

I will say right now that if you’re using these as a brush pen in the sense of calligraphy, they are not for beginners. The brush tip is extremely flexible, with individual bristles that makes it feel like you’re using a paint brush. It’s extremely flexible which means maintaining control is quite difficult. That doesn’t bother me too much though as I’ve been doing calligraphy for quite a while.

The ink is absolutely gorgeous and flows through the pen nicely. As these are watercolour brush pens, the ink is water-based which means you can blend them together. Other popular brush pens with water-based ink include Tombow Dual Brush Pens and the Stationery Island Brush Pens.

It’s important to note that the brush pens come with a watercolour pad and 2 water brush pens, perfect for using these pens as watercolour paints if you wished to.


Please ignore the marks over the blue swatches. I’m not sure where that’s come from!

The Chalkola watercolour brush pens come in 28 colours. There’s so much variety which I really like. There are a few really bright, almost neon, colours which you can’t really see on the photo above but they are very bright. I like the fact that there’s a black and grey in the set. My favourite colours are the two gold shades and the top right pink colour.

Overall I really like these brush pens and I think they are very good quality.

Love Beth


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