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BLOGMAS DAY 7: 5 Reasons Why This is my Favourite Time of Year

Welcome to day 7 of blogmas.

This time of year is quite honestly my favourite. Once December approaches, I constantly have this excitable pit in my stomach, waiting to burst on Christmas Day morning. Here are 5 reasons why I adore this time of year so much.

1) Being able to spend time with my family

I absolutely adore being able to spend time with my family. It feels so much different on Christmas Day as the mood is different, everyone is happy and excited, the vibe is different and it’s just such a wholesome time. I love seeing my family’s reactions when they open their presents. Having laughs around the table during Christmas Dinner is also a good time too. I can’t wait.

2) The clothes

Winter clothes are definitely more me. I’m quite a self-conscious person so I like to wear clothes that are quite baggy, especially baggy jumpers and hoodies. I also adore wearing chunky boots and my docs. I just love winter fashion so much.

3) The weather

The weather kind of links back to my previous point. When the weather is cold, I love the feeling of being wrapped up warm. The colours have also changed. There’s still a hint of autumn in the air. My favourite type of day is when it looks really warm out. There’s blue sky with no clouds in sight and the sun is beaming down. When you step outside though, you realise that it’s absolutely freezing out. I love winter so much!

4) Food and drink

The food and drink this time of year is so good. Gingerbread lattes, hot chocolate, mince pies, Christmas dinner. I love it. I also love this time of year as coffee shops bring out their Christmas menus and they are always amazing.

5) Tv and films

Christmas specials and Christmas films are incredible. I’m thinking Gavin and Spacey Christmas Special, My Family Christmas Special, Home Alone 2 etc. I always look forward to seeing what Christmas specials are going to be released each year. Last year, Gavin and Stacey had a new Christmas special which was so good.

And there you go! I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Thank you for reading!

Love Beth


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