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BLOGMAS DAY 6: Ranking the John Lewis Christmas Adverts

Welcome to day 6 of blogmas.

The John Lewis Christmas adverts have almost become a tradition each year. Everyone always waits to see what the next one will be. What will it be about? What will the song be? Who will be the artist?

There have been 14 now in total and today, I want to rank them from my least favourite to my absolute favourite. This is just my opinion so apologies if I don’t rank your favourite particularly high. This will be a shorter blog post but I hope you enjoy it all the same!

14) 2007 – Shadows

13) 2008 – Clues

12) 2009 – The Feeling

11) 2010 – A Tribute to Givers

10) 2018 – The Boy & The Piano

9) 2020 – Give A Little Love

8) 2015 – The Man On The Moon

7) 2019 – Excitable Edgar

6) Moz The Monster

5) 2016 – Buster The Boxer

4) 2012 – The Journey

3) 2011 – The Long Wait

2) 2014 – Monty The Penguin

1) 2013 – The Bear And The Hare

And there you have it! How would you rank them and which advert is your favourite?

Love Beth


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