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BLOGMAS DAY 2: Dingbats Atopen Brush Pens Review #gifted

Welcome to day 2 of blogmas.

I was astonished to find out that I haven’t done a brush pen review in quite a long time. Today I thought I would finally do one and review the gorgeous Dingbats Atopen Brush Pens.

For full transparency, Dingbats kindly sent me these brush pens a little while back which I’m very grateful for. However, they don’t know I’m making this post and all opinions are my own.

I’ve reviewed a couple of products from Dingbats in the past, such as their wildlife collection of notebooks and their earth collection of notebooks. I think they are an incredible brand who make really good quality notebooks so you can imagine my excitement when they announced they were coming out with brush pens. I’ve already discussed in my previous posts about who Dingbats are so let’s just get straight on with the review.


First things first, these brush pens are the smoothest brush pens I’ve ever tried. They absolutely glide across the paper with no streaky sounds which is something I’ve noticed with other brush pens.

The tip of these brush pens is really firm so you get really nice control to get the thicker and thinner lines. I think these brush pens are perfect for beginners because they’re not too flexible so you really have to rely on pressure to get the desired strokes.

These are water-based so the ink flows through really nicely. You can easily blend these brush pens together which I’ve done in the past in my Bullet Journal. In terms of quality, these brush pens come out on top. They are incredible.


These brush pens come in two sets: primary and pastel. I love the colours of these pens as they’re so vibrant and there’s a good range. They’re really full of pigment and not wishy-washy at all. My favourite colours are the pink from the primary set and coral from the pastel set.

Overall, I highly recommend these brush pens. They’re perfect for all skill-levels with brush pen lettering. The colours are gorgeous and they are absolutely amazing quality!

Love Beth


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