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BLOGMAS DAY 1: December 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

Welcome to day 1 of blogmas.

Today is the first day of blogmas! I’m so excited to share 24 different blog posts with you this month and today, we’re starting out with my December bullet journal setup. This month, I went for a festive wreath theme, with holly leaves and other decorations. Without further ado, let’s get to it!

Cover Page and Quote Page

For my cover page, I went for a wreath with December lettered in the middle. I originally just had that as my cover page but I felt it all looked a little too empty. I decided to add doodles surrounding the wreath. All of the doodles feature on my wreath so everything ties in together nicely. I still felt after adding the doodles something was missing so I added a simple border and I absolutely love it!

For my quote page, I added a festive related quote which I love, as well as a small wreath underneath and the various doodles surrounding it. Again, I added a border just to make sure everything fitted well together and I couldn’t be more happy with how it turned out!

Monthly Spread

For my monthly spread, I chose to stick with a calendar layout as that has been working really well for me! It’s definitely one of my favourite monthly layouts to use. Each square is 5×5 which is more than enough room for me. I added two wreath doodles with one surrounding December and some other doodles, as well as my goals and social media stats. I love how this turned out and I can’t wait to use it throughout the month!

Habit and Mood Tracker

Last month, I did a blog post on different habit tracker layouts and there was one layout in there that I was really drawn to. I decided to go for that one this month just to see how well it will work for me. I really like how it looks and I’m looking forward to using it! As for the title, I used a wreath doodle with habit tracker in the middle.

For my mood tracker, I created a wreath with all the different doodles. Depending on my mood, I’ll fill in that doodle with the colour that corresponds to the mood. Last month I used a graph tracker which didn’t really work for me. I’m looking forward to seeing this wreath all coloured in properly at the end of the month!

Sleep and Expenses Tracker

My sleep tracker this month remains the same as last month. This graph shows the amount of hours sleep I have each night and I love looking at it at the end of the month to see when I had a good nights sleep vs a bad nights sleep. I couldn’t do the wreath title due to limited room so I added two holly leaves either side to make sure it kept in with the theme. It’s a simple spread but I like it!

As for my expenses tracker, last month’s layout worked really well for me so I decided to do the same layout again. I kept it within the theme and I just really like the way it looks!

Blog Stats and Gratitude Log

I have been using a blog stats spread since September I do believe and I have really enjoyed using it! Last month, I added the monthly statistics to the side and I enjoyed having that element too so I have continued that for December. Again, I added various doodles to keep everything cohesive and I’m really happy with the results!

I have kept a gratitude log in my Bullet Journal for over a year and it’s definitely my favourite spread. Each day, I find a few things that I’m grateful for. They don’t have to be big things but this spread allows me to be more positive as a person.

Memories and Playlist

I really enjoy keeping a memories spread in my Bullet Journal as it allows me to see a quick overview of everything that happened in the month. I put a sticky note on that page at the beginning of the month and as things happen that I want to remember, I jot them down and then spend time with this spread at the end of the month lettering out the memories.

As for my playlist, of course I had to include Christmas songs. I could have included more but I was a little limited by room. I have so many favourite Christmas songs that I would probably have to dedicate an entire month of pages to all of them!

Reasons to be Proud and What I Got for Christmas

I have been really enjoying my reasons to be proud spread for the last few months so I decided to continue with it once again for December.

This next spread is one that features in an upcoming blogpost. Whilst planning and writing that blog post, I got an idea to include this spread in my Bullet Journal. I go into more detail about it in that blog post so keep an eye out.

Brain Dump

The brain dump has returned. To be fair, it never disappeared but I did change the name. I actually missed the old name so here it is to stay.

Thank you for reading!

Love Beth


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