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5 of My Favourite Bullet Journal Youtubers

I’ve been using a Bullet Journal since February 2017 and even though I feel I’ve found something that works for me, I’m always looking for inspiration. Of course, one can always get inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest but my go-to place is YouTube.

There are so many people using YouTube to share their Bullet Journal spreads, give advice and ideas and create a wonderful community where everyone offers something different. Today I want to share 5 of my favourites that offer so much and I hope they do the same for you!


Amanda is probably one of the most popular bullet journal youtubers out there. She comes up with some incredible themes and her spreads are beautiful! For her most recent video, she created an Among Us theme which is so cute! You can check her out here!

By Sarah Eliz

Sarah has such a unique style for her bullet journal. She always puts so much detail into her spreads and her November setup is gorgeous. She’s very much the definition of a maximalist! Her weekly spreads are filled with incredible decorations. You can check her out here!

Helen Colebrook

I absolutely adore Helen. The amount of detail she goes into when talking about her setups and how they work for her is lovely to hear. I’ve added quite a few spreads into my own setup because of her. She also does amazing journaling videos which are so therapeutic to watch. You can check her out here!


I love Jenny’s take on the Bullet Journal system. She always uses various mediums to create her setup and they always look incredible! Her take is much more free-flowing compared to others. Not only does she plan in her bullet journal, she also creates memory spreads which I love. You can check her out here!


Em is an absolute sweetheart who’s fairly new to the bullet journal system but her spreads are beautiful. Each theme and setup is absolutely gorgeous and I love her attention to detail. She’s recently created a YouTube channel to show her setups every month so make sure you check her out here!

And there we go! Of course, there are so many ore amazing youtubers out there who do incredible bullet journal spreads. I want to know who your favourites are! Let me know!

Love Beth


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