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Staedtler Review – Gifted

A couple of months ago, Staedtler over at @Staedtleruk on Instagram kindly gifted me a bunch of products to try out! For those of you who don’t know, Staedtler are a German company who produce a large variety of stationery. I’ve used their highlighters before but I haven’t really tried anything else so I was very excited when they agreed to work with me on my Instagram!

Although Staedtler sent me these products for the purpose of Instagram, this does not have any influence in my overall opinion. They don’t know I’m doing this review and thus all opinions are my own!

The products I will be talking about are as follows:

  • Textsurfer Classic Pastel Highlighters
  • Triplus Highlighters
  • Ball 432 Pens
  • Pigment Liners
  • Triplus Fineliners
  • Triplus Fibre-tip Pens
  • Double-ended Watercolour Brush Pens

Textsurfer Classic Pastel Highlighters

The textsurfer highlighters are the products I’m most familiar with and have tried before. They are really smooth and nice to work with due to the grip being nice and comfortable. They’re essentially your classic chubby highlighters which I like. The ink dries really quickly so there’s no smudging which is one of my pet peeves with other highlighters. They also come in some gorgeous colours! They are called (in order from top to bottom):

  • karmin light
  • peach
  • lavender
  • mint
  • sky blue
  • light grey

Overall I think these are really lovely highlighters and I would highly recommend them!

Triplus Highlighters

The triplus highlighters are the skinnier ones. They come in this triangular shape which means the grip for them is very comfortable. If you struggle with the grip on the chunkier highlighters then these would be more suited to you. The tip of these is actually flexible which allows you to get a thinner or thicker line depending on your preferences. I tried using these to create calligraphy and they worked surprisingly well so I was happy! They also come in these gorgeous pastel colours which are called (in order from top to bottom):

  • sunflower yellow
  • peach
  • karmin light
  • lavender
  • mint
  • lime green

Ball 432 Pens

If you know me, you’ll be aware that ball point pens are really not my favourite pen to choose. However, I make exception for these because these are the nicest ones I’ve tried! They’re 0.5 in tip size so they’re not too thick, the ink is nice and smooth which is one of the reasons why I’m not a fan of ball point pens normally and we have that triangular shape grip again which is very comfortable to write with! They also have multiple colours which you can see in the photo above!

Pigment Liners

We’ll start with the coloured pigment liners first. Mine are in 0.5 which is the perfect tip size in my opinion. They’re not too thick and they’re not too thin which I appreciate. I use mine for writing and doodling in my journals which they are perfect for. Again, the ink is very smooth and I like the grip on them! I also love the colours but I particularly like the grey one as I think it’s so lovely!

As for the black pigment liners, I received 4 with different tip sizes: 0.1, 0.3, 0.5 and 0.7 (not 0.8 like I’ve written in the photo. Oops). I have seen Helen from Journalwithpurpose absolutely rave over these fineliners because they’re waterproof so I was very excited to try them. They haven’t disappointed at all. I think they are really lovely fineliners which I can see myself using a lot for drawing!

Triplus Fineliners

The triplus fineliners are beautiful. They come in a 0.3mm tip so they’re lovely and thin. It’s not my go-to size but you do need some thin fineliners in your collection. The grip once again is really lovely and the ink is smooth. Whilst I was doing some research for this post, I found out that these could be uncapped for a while and the ink would not dry out which is cool! I haven’t put that to the test though so I can’t say for certain that’s true! I also found out these come in 60 colours which is incredible!

Triplus Fibre-tip Pens

The triplus fibre-tip pens are also very nice! again, that triangular shape grip is making an appearance again so they are comfortable to write with. The tip on these pens is 1 mm so they are quite thick but that means they’re great for colouring! The colours are really nice and vibrant too!

Double-ended Watercolour Brush Pens

I have to admit, I was most excited about these brush pens. They’re double ended with a brush tip and a fineliner tip. I think the brush tip is very good for beginners. I’s not overly flexible so if you’re quite inexperienced with using a brush pen, I would recommend these. I also really like the fineliner tip as well as it’s actually thin as opposed to some double ended brush pens which come with quite a thick pen. That’s not necessarily a bad thing but it’s nice to have that thinness. One thing I did notice is some of the ink is quite watery in some of the pens which creates feathering. This doesn’t bother me too much but I wanted to make you aware!

And there we go. Here’s my review of the products sent to me by Staedtler. I feel very lucky and grateful to have this opportunity to work with companies. Staedtler are a very good brand with good quality products and I highly recommend them!

Love Beth


2 thoughts on “Staedtler Review – Gifted

  1. I’ve been using the Triplus fine liners for 5 years now and I still have them! I use them to color code my planner and notes. I love them!

    However, I had no idea Staedtler had so many other products! All the colors are so pretty and vibrant. I’ll have to try them.

    Thanks for sharing your review! ☺️

    Valerie | https://avecvalerie.com

    Liked by 1 person

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