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9 Different Habit Tracker Layouts That Work for Everyone

Habit trackers are one of the most popular spreads for people to include in their bullet journal. I always include it every month in my monthly setups to make sure that I’m sticking to these habits every day, whether that be to reach a certain goal or adapt a change into my life. Today I’m going to share 9 different layouts that I think anyone would like depending on their preferences.

I’ve made various categories when it comes to the layouts. I have a yearly habit tracker, monthly habit trackers and a weekly habit tracker. In addition, I’ve also categorised the monthly habit trackers into a combined habit tracker and a separate habit tracker so I truly believe there is a spread here for everyone.

Yearly Habit Tracker

A yearly habit tracker is perfect for those who want to keep their habit tracking contained into one spread, as well as those who might not want to/ not have the time to set up a different spread each month. I also think this layout is good if you know you won’t be changing your habits every month.

The way I’ve structured this particular layout is to allow room for 4 months. I then listed the habits down the side and colour coded them in order to fill the tracker in if I’ve completed a habit. You could also number them as well!

Monthly Habit Trackers

Combined Habit Trackers

Do you prefer all of your habits to be together? The following spreads are for you!

Double Page Habit Tracker

A double-page habit tracker is perfect for those who have quite a few habits they want to track. It also leaves plenty of room for decoration or to leave it bare so I would also recommend for those who like a minimalistic look. The way you choose to fill in once you’ve completed a habit is entirely up to you. I went for a simple dot in the picture above!

Landscape Habit Tracker

If you want to keep your habit tracker purely on one page but still have room to track a lot of habits, the landscape habit tracker would be perfect for you. Of course, you would have to turn your notebook around but if that doesn’t bother you, this is a really good option! You could also fill this out in anyway you choose. I went for a pattern in mine which I’ve seen a lot of people do! It looks incredible once it’s all filled in!

Portrait Habit Tracker

I like to think the portrait habit tracker is suitable for a number of people because of the way you can customise it. It still gives you plenty of room to write out all of your habits like in the picture above. However, if you’re not keen on that look, you can also choose to use doodles to represent a habit! I chose to space mine apart as you can see which again adds to a minimalistic vibe. Furthermore, you can also fill this out in whatever way you want!

Circle Habit Tracker

This is the first time I have ever attempted the circle habit tracker so forgive me for how wonky it is! I think this offers something really different so if you’re looking to change things up quite a bit, I highly recommend this one! One thing I would say though is this tracker is more suited for those with fewer habits to track. I would personally say you could fit around 8 before the circles start to get tiny.

Separate Habit Trackers

If you have less habits to track and want to see them separated out, these are perfect for you!

Mini Calendar Habit Tracker

This particular layout is my current go to. I love having the calendars as you can see the structure of the month so if you’re constantly forgetting what the date is, this is a perfect one! I’ve tracked around 9 habits using this layout but if you wanted to track more, you could easily make 2 pages and track more! You can either write the numbers out like I have or create calendar shape boxes! I like to mix it up now and then!

Boxes Habit Tracker

Although I adore the mini calendar habit tracker, I’m very tempted to use this particular layout next time! I just love how clean it looks due to how I’ve spaced them out. I will admit this could be a pain when there are 31 days in the month but you could easily make 32 boxes and black out the extra one you don’t need!

Categorised Habit Tracker

Ok, to be fair this is very similar to the double-page habit tracker but hear me out. This one is perfect for those who want to be that little bit more organised. Having a list of the habits in one go may make it difficult to find a specific habit if you’re filling it out as you complete a habit. I categorised this in terms of the types of habits I have but you could also categorise into morning, afternoon or evening habits too!

Weekly Habit Tracker

We’re onto the final layout! A weekly habit tracker is best suited for those who maybe change their habits more frequently or would rather simply set up a tracker like this. It’s much quicker, I’ll give you that! However, I think you could use this in conjunction with your monthly habit tracker. You may want to focus on specific habits week by week which could be a reason to use both! Of course, this layout means limited room so you couldn’t track 20 habits using this layout. Again, I think it links back to wanting to focus on specific habits!

And there you have it! 9 habit trackers suitable for everyone! I hope you found one that you liked the look of! Let me know which one you think would work best for you!

Love Beth


8 thoughts on “9 Different Habit Tracker Layouts That Work for Everyone

  1. Oh my gosh!! The mini calendar tracker is totally for me! I never knew what the bullet journal’s were for and this just turned on a light a in my head lol. This will definitely help me keep track of my goals and habits that I try to incorporate Into my daily schedule. This is pure awesomeness!

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