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November 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

How on earth are we in November everyone? I know this year has been somewhat confusing and disruptive but it feels like it’s flown by! As is a tradition for the beginning of the month, today’s blog post is going to be about my November Bullet Journal setup!

This month’s theme is a good old stereotypical autumnal theme. I decided to go for lots of autumnal block colours with the doodles inside to create something a little different and I’m really happy with the results! As for the spreads featured, I’ve said goodbye to some that didn’t work well for me and welcomed back an old favourite. Without further ado, let’s get to it!

Cover Page

For my cover page, I decided to go for various leaf doodles in different colour blocks like I mentioned previously. Where I positioned them was completely at random but I really like the way it all looks.

As for my quote page, it’s pretty much the same with random decisions on the positioning of the leaves and the quote in the middle. I really like that quote and I think it’s a perfect fit for this month and the theme I’ve chosen. I went for cursive calligraphy this month as my font of choice as I think it fits in really well and I’m really happy with how everything looks!

Monthly Spread

For my monthly spread, I decided to go for a calendar layout again as that’s where my heart truly lies if I’m honest. This one is a little different as I decided to go for separate boxes spaced apart as opposed to all of them being connected. I then filled them in with the colours I’ve been using for this setup and I think it adds something a little different which I like! Each box is 4×4 in terms of the dots which is more than enough room for me this month.

I then added my social media and goals to the side and created filled in boxes to make sure it all tied in with the theme. I of course also added the leaf doodles and overall, I think this spread looks really fun and quirky!

Habit and Mood Tracker

The individual habit tracker layout has been working really well for me for quite some time. To make sure it tied in nicely with the theme, I decided to create the calendars with the different colours. Once again, I think it goes really well with the doodles!

This month, I also wanted to make sure I was tracking habits that I need to work on and benefit my life in some way. That’s why I’ve cut down to 8 and will be getting rid of any habits in the future that I think I have incorporated well into my life.

As for my mood tracker, I went back to an old favourite of mine and decided to include a graph layout. I haven’t done one of these for quite some time! I coloured in that area to, you guessed it, tie it in with my theme and I’m looking forward to seeing how this works for me! I do slightly regret making that decision but it will be interesting to see how it looks at the end of the month.

Sleep and Expenses Tracker

For my sleep tracker, I went back to the layout that shows the amount of hours I was asleep as opposed to the previous layout where it includes all of the hours at night. As much as I like that layout, it is a pain to set up so I went back to one that is much easier. I did contemplate colouring in the sleep tracker like I did with my mood tracker but I didn’t think it was necessary due to it taking up quite a lot of space!

For my expenses tracker, I realised that as I will not be back at work until March next year due to the nature of my job, I don’t need a lot of space compared to what I had last month. I also added in some extra parts such as the balance and figuring out where my money was going based on categories. I felt like I wasn’t getting much from my expenses tracker in previous months so hopefully these two new additions will give me a bit more information!

Blog Stats and Gratitude

My blog stats page has remained the same as the previous two months with one new addition. I added the total for the month in a coloured in box to the side so I could see what the overall month was like. I like looking at things like this from a different perspective and I thought it would add something to the spread! I also included the necessary doodles and I really like how this page looks!

My gratitude log has been around for so long that you probably get bored of me talking about it. I decided to keep this very simple for this month. I wrote about gratitude in calligraphy and then coloured in that writing. I’ll then write what I’m grateful for around it!

Memories and Playlist

My memories page currently looks very similar to how my gratitude log looks. This is for all of the things that happened in November an I want to remember. I like to include this with doodles or lettering so by the end of the month, it will look vastly different to my gratitude log!

The playlist has returned everyone! I missed this last month so I knew it had to return! All of the songs included are just songs that I really like at the moment. I coloured them in and scattered them around the age and I like the way it looks!

Reasons to be Proud and Notes

I really enjoyed using the reasons to be proud spread last month so I knew I had to include it again. It allows me to think of the smallest things I can be proud of which adds that positivity into my life. I plan to keep this for quite a long time!

As for my notes page, it’s simply my brain dump page but with a changed name! You all know how well this works for me so I won’t explain it anymore!

And that’s my November spread! Let me know what you think and I shall see you next week!

Love Beth


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