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My Journaling Routine

For the last few years, journaling has become a big focal point off my life. I find it very beneficial to my mental health which is why I’ve continued for so long. Today I thought I would discuss my routine which has worked well for me all this time!

The first thing that I like to do is add decoration to my pages. I find this part so therapeutic and pleasing to look at which is why I do it. I use washi tape, stickers, pictures, doodles etc! Of course, you don’t have to do this but it works well for me which is why I include it as part of my routine!

Once I’ve finished doing that, I then add the day and the date. I always like to do this in a different way each spread as it adds something a little different! I like to make i look quite bold and different. It also allows me to practice my lettering which I really like.

The next thing I do is write about my day so your standard journaling. I talk about things I have done, how I’m feeling, what I’m thinking about etc. This is the part I really like as it feels like I’m dumping the content of my brains onto paper. It feels like a weight off my shoulder. I make this part pretty free flowing. If I don’t have much to say, that’s fine. If I want to write 10 pages worth of journaling, then that’s fine!

A cheeky thing that I like to add which is personal to me is the latest gossip surrounding Liverpool Football Club. Of course, this doesn’t apply to everyone but I think it’s quite interesting looking back at the gossip that’s about and seeing what actually happened and what was false in the end!

I then use a journaling prompt to really make sure that everything I’m thinking about is noted down. These tend to be quite short as I tend to go overboard in my normal journal writing but I still like to do it! However, I have been known to ramble and ramble based on a journaling prompt so I do recommend them!

I then add a quote at the end that’s related to how I’m feeling. Again, I like to letter this in a different way which again means I can add to my writing!

And that’s my journaling routine! Thank you so much for reading and I shall see you next time.

Love Beth


6 thoughts on “My Journaling Routine

  1. I love journalling and have been doing so for a couple years now. Have evolved from bullet journalling to free journalling and now I’m considering changing to a hybrid style. I currently do a rigid 1-page in the morning, 1-page at night format, and am beginning to get bored of it. I loved your free-writing part, where you don’t care if it’s a little bit or 10 pages. I might actually try that. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. I’ve never actually tried journalling before, I think I’m not creative enough to make it look pretty so I don’t bother! I like the premise of it, but I think i’m too pessimistic for it to become a staple in my routine x


    1. You don’t have to make it look pretty for it to work for you! I just do it because of the benefits it has for me in terms of my MH and how I find it therapeutic. You could literally just write and leave out the decorations. I used to do that when I was much younger x


  3. I love that you give yourself a chance to improve your handwriting/lettering every day with different styles- really something I should do but I generally struggle to remain legible 😂 reading this has honestly made me consider maybe having a second journal for long-form journaling as well as my bullet journal. Having daily prompts in particular sounds appealing! Thanks for sharing ☺️

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