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October 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

Today’s blog post is going to be all about my October setup in my Bullet Journal. I can’t believe we’re in October already! I feel like this year has absolutely flown by. This month I went for a magical spooky kind of theme. I’m really happy with the outcome! We’ve got some new layouts and even some new spreads! Without further ado, let’s get to it.

Cover Page

For my cover page, I went for a vibe of having themed doodles in the corners and creating lots of empty space in the middle. I feel like it’s more simple compared to my September setup! I lettered out October in slightly italic calligraphy and included an italic font for none calligraphy writing which I think ties in with the theme really well! As for my quote page, I used the same doodles and font and I love the quote that I chose as I think it fits in with the theme really well! 

Monthly Spread

For my monthly spread, I decided to go back to the combined vertical and calendar layout which I really like to use from time to time. I highlighted the Mondays on the vertical part to properly split the weeks clearly. The calendar is a lot smaller, 3 by 3 dots specifically, but I like to see what the month looks like visually. I then have my goals and social media stats which I have included a lot recently!

Habit Tracker and Mood Tracker

For my sleep tracker this month, I decided to switch up the layout and go for an old classic that I used to love. I used to have a graph that would show the amount of time I was asleep but for this month, I went back to a visual representation of the time I fell asleep and the time I woke up. I will admit, it was a bit of a pain writing all of the numbers out but this layout used to work so well for me so I’m hoping it will again this month! For my expenses tracker, I found out last month that I was running out of room but at the same time, still having lots of space. You see, the item section in my previous layout was quite big and I never filled it up so I decided to compress that for this month which allowed me to create two tables!

Food and Exercises Tracker and Blog Stats

A new spread! I was inspired with the food and exercises tracker after watching a video from Liv Platt on TikTok! This was a spread frequently used and I loved the idea so I decided to include it for my setup! I have only set up a single page at the moment but I’m more than happy to add more when I see fit. I’m not too fussy about squeezing one between my weekly spreads!

Last month, I included a blog stats spread for the first time after reading a blog post from Bournemouth Girl. I really liked how this worked for me in September so I had to include it again for October!

Gratitude and Memories Spreads

My gratitude log has been around for such a long time now. This is one of my favourite spreads to include and I always end up filling this page of things I’m grateful for, no matter how big or small. I can see myself using this for quite some time! As for my memories page, I really liked the free flowing layout I had for September and so I decided to include that again for October. I found one page to be plenty of room too!

Reasons to be Proud and Notes Spreads

Another new spread for me! I was inspired with the reasons to be proud spread after watching a bunch of Helen Colebrook’s videos. The idea of this spread is to write something you’re proud of for doing each day! I’m looking forward to seeing how this works!

As for notes, this is what used to be my brain dump spread! It’s exactly the same, only now it’s called notes instead! I also have two more pages on the other side for it! Happy days!

And that’s it! Thank you so much for reading and I shall see you next week!

Love Beth


6 thoughts on “October 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

  1. Lovely stuff. Looking at other people’s journal spreads is super satisfying for me. I myself have been journalling every day for about two years now, but it’s all just text and haphazard titles (habit trackers and monthlies) done on the day itself. Can’t imagine myself prepping so much ahead of time, which is why I loved seeing yours. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. I really like your setup ☺️ simple but lots of room for content. I like the idea of combining both the vertical and calendar monthly logs. I’ve been using the calendar setup for months now because visually I find it a lot easier to follow, but hadn’t thought of combining the two!
    I have a blog stat tracker in my BuJo too. I find it helpful but I’ve moved away from tracking my figures on a daily basis as I find it can be more disheartening than helpful- instead I record where I am in the middle and end of the month and have goals set to aim for ☺️ thanks for sharing, great to find new bullet journal blogs!

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    1. Thank you so much! I used to track my blog stats once a month but I felt like I wasn’t gaining anything from it. Splitting it into each day relates to my habit tracker where I have my blog section. It’s interesting to see the link between days where I heavily promote my blog and the resulting stats and days where I don’t do anything like that and the stats. Thank you for reading!

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      1. That’s a good point; if you’re tracking your engagement/sharing habits, having stats to correlate could be really helpful! I definitely see an increase in my stats when I engage more! All the best with it ☺️

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