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5 of My Favourite Lipsticks

I have developed quite a collection of lipsticks over the years. It’s a focal point of my makeup so in today’s post, I’ll be sharing 5 of my favourites.

You’ll probably notice that I’m someone who likes a good old nude lip. Occasionally I choose to wear something different like a red but on the whole, I’m very much someone who sticks to my comfort zone. Without further ado, let’s get to it!

Revolution Créme Lip 

This is probably my favourite everyday lip colour. The formula is really comfortable. A lot of people compare this to the Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creams. They also smell incredible! Furthermore, they’re only £3-£4 which is such a good price. You can get it here!

This is what the swatch looks like! It’s the shade “bouquet” which I was instantly drawn to when purchasing this. It’s a mauve nude shade and I actually find it’s quite close to my natural lip colour. I think of this as a my lips but better sort of colour which is my favourite type of nude to wear.

I Heart Revolution Tasty Avocado Lipstick – Brunch

I haven’t had this particular lipstick for very long but it’s already becoming one of my absolute favourites. It’s such a comfortable lipstick to wear as there’s avocado oil in the middle so it’s very moisturising. Also, how cute is the packaging? This lipstick is £5 and you can get it here!

This is what the swatch looks like. This is the shade “brunch” which is just your classic nude colour.

Revolution Velvet Lip Kiss Crayon

Lip Crayons are something I don’t usually tend to reach for but I really like this one. The formula is very creamy but matte so it’s a comfortable wear that also looks good. It’s also buildable as well so you can have it as sheer or as intense as you want which I really like. This is £5 and you can get it here!

This is what the swatch looks like. This is in the shade “fling” which is a brown nude colour. Another of my favourite shades of lipstick!

Revolution Créme Lip 

Another Creme Lip from Revolution, I know, but they are really nice. I won’t dwell on this too much as the same thing applies to the other one featured on this list. You can buy this particular one here though!

This is what the swatch look like. The shade is called “cherry” which is a gorgeous pinky red colour. This is probably my favourite red lipstick that I own!

Ofra Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick

This is the only high end lipstick featured but I adore it. Ofra’s Liquid Lipsticks has the best formula in my opinion. They dry down fully matte so they don’t transfer but they are still extremely comfortable. It’s not like other liquid lipsticks where they become so dry they crack and become uncomfortable. This is £15.50 and you can purchase it here!


This is what the shade looks like! I went for the shade “charmed” which is a dark pinky nude colour. It’s in the same category as my lips but better albeit slightly darker!

And that’s it! Thank you so much for reading. I know the majority of these lip products were Revolution but they’re honestly my favourite makeup brand so I’ve developed quite a collection! See you next week!

Love Beth



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