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September 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

We are officially in the “ber” months everyone! I am so excited for the cosy nights ahead, I don’t know about you. Anyway, today’s post is all about my September Bullet Journal Setup. This month’s theme is all about house plants and house decor. There’s a new spread thrown in which I’m excited to use so without further ado, let’s get to it!

Cover Page

For my cover page, I went for various shelves full of different house plants with various colours and I really like the way they all look. I then used I suppose wooden ornaments with a typewriter font to create the lettering for the month of September which I really like.

I messed up the quote page originally so I had to include some paper over the top to make sure I was completely happy with it. Again, I have the typewriter font for the quote itself which is prevalent throughout this month’s setup. I think it looks so cute!

Monthly Spread

What a surprise everyone. My monthly spread is a calendar layout. In fairness, these work well for me so naturally I go back to them each month! I went for a slightly smaller calendar this month so each square is 5 by 5 dots. I also included an Instagram follower tracker and a goals section in some empty places and I included some washi that fits well with the theme. I also brought the theme in by having some shelves on the side and a shelf that’s part of the title.

Habit Tracker

My habit tracker this month is by far my favourite spread of the entire month. I love the individual habit tracker layout which is why I’ve continued with it for so long. I think it fits in with the theme quite well and I just adore the overall look. Not much has changed in terms of the habits I’m tracking either so it’s pretty much the same old but in a beautiful way.

Mood Tracker

If you’ve been reading my previous Bullet Journal setups for each month, then you know I’ve been really enjoying using a colouring type mood tracker. I seem to have moved away from the graph style tracker that was always my go to. Each leaf in the plant represents a day and I’ll colour in that leaf using a different shade of green depending on my mood.

Sleep and Expenses Tracker

My sleep and expenses tracker have not changed for September. Both of the layouts I have for these spreads work really well for me so there isn’t any need for me to change them. Of course, I kept it in keeping with the theme and I like how simple these spreads look.

Gratitude and Playlist

My gratitude log has become such a focal point of my monthly setups. The layout hasn’t changed since I started using it over a year ago which I think goes to show how much I enjoy having it and using it. As for my playlist, I love that I included the house plants and the shelves with each song on almost like a wooden canvas. I think it works really well!

Blog Stats and Memories

My Blog Stats spread is a brand new spread for me this month. I was inspired by Lauren over at Bournemouth Girl in her August Bullet Journal blog post. I really liked the idea so I decided to include it in my setup for this month! As for my memories page, I decided to include it in more of a freestyle way as opposed to having sections which felt quite stale. 

Brain Dump

As you can tell, I’ve gone back to a double page spread for my brain dump. I just felt like one page wasn’t enough and everything was crammed so it’s better to have double and space it out.

Thank you all for reading! What theme have you chosen for September?

Love Beth


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