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25 Trance Songs that get me Pumped

Trance – a type of electronic dance music characterised by hypnotic rhythms and sounds.

I adore trance. I love this genre of music so much. I relate this back to my parents who also love trance. I remember going on long car journeys during my childhood and trance music was always the genre of choice. It’s no surprise that my brother and I grew to love trance like my parents. 

I wanted to share 25 songs that are a part of the trance genre that (like the title says) get me pumped. You know those songs that come on shuffle while you’re listening to music and you immediately have to turn the volume up.

Without further ado, let’s go!

1) Glyph (Original Mix) – Joint Operations Centre

2) Barber’s Adagio for Strings (Ferry Corsten Remix) – William Orbit

3) The White Room – Adam White, Andy Moor & Whiteroom

4) Catch (Martin Roth Remix Edit) – Blank & Jones

5) New Horizons – Jorn Van Deynhoven

6) First State – First State

7) New York City – Alex M.O.R.P.H.

8) Heavenly – Steve Dekay

9) Carte Blanche (Original)  – Veracocha

10) Miss a Day – Atn

11) First Contact – Paul Van Dyk & Kinetica

12) 1998 (Paul Van Dyk Remix) – Binary Finary

13) Toca Me (Inpetto Remix) – Fragma

14) My Religion – Pulser

15) Thing Called Love (Extended Album Mix) – Above & Beyond

16) Green Heaven – Vincent de Moor

17) Crux – Mohamed Ragab & Attila Syah

18) Reflect (1996 Club Mix) – Three N One

19) Universal Nation ( Original ‘Real Anthem’ Mix) – Push

20) Flowtation (Original Mix) – Vincent de Moor

21) Montone – Marcel Woods

22) Airwave (Original Version) – Rank 1

23) Arisen (Original Mix) – Arksun

24) Runaway – Loken

Let’s end on in my opinion the greatest trance song ever created…

25) Cafe del Mar (Three N One 2002 Update Remix) – Energy 52 

And that’s my list! Do you like trance or recognise any of these songs? Let me know! 

Love Beth


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