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June 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

Welcome to my June Bullet Journal Setup! We’re almost halfway through the year which utterly baffles me if I’m honest. As it’s the beginning of the month, that means it’s time to set up in my Bullet Journal. This month’s theme is Bisexual pride. I’m proud to be a part of the LGBT+ community and I wanted to honour that this month.

Fun fact: This month will be the last month in my Dingbats notebook which I find quite scary! I’ll be writing a blog post at the end of the month about migrating into my new Bullet Journal so make sure you’re following to be notified when I publish it!

Cover Page

My cover page this month is very simple which I like. The way I interpreted the theme this month is to focus on the colours of the Bisexual pride flag which are pink, purple and blue. I blended the colours together and I’m really happy with how that turned out. I added some hearts in the corners to add that little bit extra to the spread but overall, it’s a very minimalist layout which I like. The quote page turned out really well too! I absolutely adore the quote and I think it’s very in keeping with the theme.

Monthly Spread

For my monthly spread, I decided I wanted to go back to a calendar spread. I have not included an Instagram or a blog calendar because I wanted to include that within my monthly spread. That’s why the calendar squares are significantly bigger, 6 by 6 to be exact. Whether this will work for me, I don’t know but I wanted to save pages due to approaching the end of the notebook. I also included my follower stats to the side as well as the hearts.

Habit and Mood Tracker

I said in my May Bullet Journal setup that I couldn’t see myself changing the layout of my habit and mood trackers.

I was wrong.

Look, I thought my previous layout for these trackers would last me a lifetime but I’ve noticed I get bored of the same thing after a while. I’ve always said if something isn’t working in a Bullet Journal, change it up. It’s fine! I decided to go back to the individual habit tracker which is definitely a classic. I’m really happy with the layout and I look forward to seeing if this works well for me!

I will admit I’ve struggled with the mood trackers that require you to colour in something depending on the mood but I had the urge to try it again this month. Basing a theme on colours meant it was an opportunity I couldn’t miss. As I had heart doodles throughout the month, I thought I would base the tracker on that and I really like it!

Fitness and Sleep Tracker

One of my goals for this year is to keep in shape and so I wanted to include a fitness tracker for this month. I’ve been loosely following Chloe Ting’s workout programmes so I included what they were and I have an extra box to tick once I’ve completed the workout.

As for my sleep tracker, I decided to continue with the graph style layout but I wanted to show the amount of hours rather than the time like my previous layouts. I just fancied something different this month!

Gratitude Log and Playlist

My gratitude log is always a frequent spread in my setups and June is no exception. This is one of my favourite spreads to fill out so I can’t see me getting rid of this spread for quite a while.

As for the playlist, this is the second time I’ve added this spread into my setup (the first one being in May). I really enjoyed having this last month so I wanted to include it again. I went for songs that remind me of Pride in some way. There are some classics on there which I listen to all the time.

Expense and Budget Tracker

The last time I included an expense tracker in some form was in October 2019 when I was at university. Since I started my job this year though, I have been spending a bit of money and so I wanted to create a tracker in which I could keep track of what I was spending, bills I need to pay and things I want to save. Hopefully, this works well for me!

Memories Spread

I really like including a memories page but I wanted to add a little something to it. I therefore decided to include a favourites page alongside it so I could discuss various things about the month. I really like the way this spread has turned out and I look forward to seeing how this turns out at the end of the month.

Brain Dump

The brain dump spread is an absolute classic. I have included this every single time so I will not be discussing this. It’s my most used spread.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed and I shall see you next week!

Love Beth


4 thoughts on “June 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

  1. I’ve been thinking of making my own journal like this, but being really OC, I feel like I’m too late in the game. So I decided to do it on 2021 instead. I love this setup! Thank you for sharing this. πŸ™‚ I especially liked the playlist and fitness tracker. πŸ™‚


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