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Revolution Pro CC Cream Perfecting Foundation Review

Today is a very exciting day as this will be my first ever makeup review! I haven’t done this before so apologies if this doesn’t flow properly! I’d love to do more of these soon!

Revolution Makeup is probably my favourite makeup brand. The quality of their products plus the affordability makes them such an essential part of my makeup routine! In particular, I really like their foundations, such as the Conceal and Hydrate Foundation and the Foundation Drops. You can imagine then that I was so excited to hear that they were coming out with a new foundation!

This is going to be a review of the Revolution Pro CC Perfecting Foundation. Without further ado, let’s get to it!

This foundation claims to do a lot of things which I will talk about now. It’s “perfect for dry to combination skin”. I have dry skin so I figured this would be perfect for me! The coverage is “sheer to full” and it can be built up as well. The foundation will “even out the skin tone”, “reduce any redness”, “diffuse appearance of wrinkles” so it would be perfect for all ages, “has long lasting coverage” and “doesn’t feel cakey or heavy on the skin.

Some of the note worthy ingredients in this foundation include Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, Vitamin E and also has SPF30 so there’s sun protection included as well which is really good!

The foundation costs £10.00 so it’s within the drugstore price range which I like. You get 26ml in this very pretty container. It’s a squeezy tube but what I like is that there’s a pump so that’s very handy! For reference, I bought the shade F3 which is perfect for me. There are 20 shades in total.

I was quite surprised with the consistency of this foundation. It’s a lot thicker than I anticipated for some reason. I was expecting quite a thin liquidy consistency for some reason. However, as I’m typing this now, it makes sense for it to be thick due to the fact it’s called a CC cream and the claims of it having sheer to full buildable coverage.

This is what the foundation looks like completely by itself.
This is the foundation blended with a beauty blender. 
This is the foundation blended with a foundation brush.

I have used this foundation a few times already but I wanted to show you the two different sides of my face where I used something different to blend the foundation with. I did this when I first received the foundation as I’ve noticed some work better with a beauty blender and others work better with a foundation brush.

I prefer using a foundation brush with this product as I feel it distributes the foundation more evenly which I like.

I really like this foundation. I definitely agree that it has buildable coverage but I was quite surprised with the amount of coverage it had in the first place when I initially tried it for the first time. Of course, this would depend on how much you use in the first place but as I was expecting a sheer coverage due to the foundation being a CC cream, I used quite a lot of the product.

The foundation is not dewy in appearance. I would say it’s more glowy which I like. It doesn’t pick up on dry patches which I like and it looks like it blends well with the skin.

This is what the foundation looks like with the rest of my makeup done. I really like the way this foundation looks and I definitely think this will be a daily foundation I will be using for quite a while!

Love Beth


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