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20 of my Favourite Stationery Brands

I would consider myself to be quite a big stationery enthusiast. The idea of collecting pens, washi tape, stickers, notebooks and more is extremely therapeutic to me. As a result, there are some stationery brands out there that I end up being drawn back to and I would like to share them with you today.

I have a mix of different types of brands here. Some are famous for their notebooks, others for their pens, some I would associate with journaling and others are those places that probably sell some of the brands already listed as well as their own stationery products!

1 – Dingbats Notebooks

Dingbats creates some gorgeous notebooks that are extremely helpful for productivity. They also focus on helping the environment which I really appreciate!

2 – Stationery Island

I love Stationery Island for their brush pens and their notebooks. They have two types of brush pens with differing flexibility which I use on a day to day basis. Their notebooks are also extremely high quality for such a good price.

3 – Tombow

I think most people know of Tombow because of their dual brush pens and how good they are. I definitely can’t disagree with that as I love them a lot. I also appreciate their Fudenosuke brush pens as well!

4 – Stabilo

I have been a fan of Stabilo before I claimed myself to be a stationery enthusiast. I really like their point 88 fineliners and I continuously bought them from when I was in Year 7 all the way until now. They’ve been a part of my life for 10 years now. I’ve also come to appreciate their other products, such as their metallic point 68 pens!

5 – Muji

I remember buying my first gel pen from Muji a few years ago and being so excited. They are so lovely to write with and now I have a whole bunch of them. I also love their notebooks and I definitely want to purchase more stationery from them soon!

6 – Pilot

Pilot’s pens are absolutely amazing quality and I love using them. I also love their frixon range and I use those highlighters all the time. They’re very handy for school work!

7 – Pentel

The Pentel Energel Needle tip pens are my all time favourite gel pens. I love the body of the pen and the ink is very smooth to write with and it dries very quickly. I also love their brush pens!

8 – Wooopy

I have recently discovered Wooopy and I’m already a big fan. I love their various washi tapes and sticky notes and I’ve been using one of their notebooks as a mood journal.

9 – Ink Pot

Ink Pot is a fairly new brand that makes customisable notebooks.I have fallen in love with mine and the high quality!

10 – Sakura

I use the Sakura Pigma Micron fineliners every day in my Bullet Journal as they are such good quality! They come in different sizes which I absolutely love so I would highly recommend!

11 – Moonlume

Moonlume is run by a single person who creates the most gorgeous stickers. I’ve ordered from there a few times and I’ve always loved the amazing quality and beautiful designs!

12 – Paperchase

Paperchase is one of my favourite stationery stores in the UK. They have some beautiful pieces of stationery. I especially love their files as they’re so aesthetically pleasing!

13 – Oxford Notebooks

Oxford notebooks are my favourite school notebooks. The paper quality is really good!

14 – Uniball

Uniball has some amazing pens on the market. I love their signo gel pens and their uni pin fineliners to name a few.

15 – Whitelines

Another brand of notebook which I love is Whitelines. Famous for their grey paper with white lines, they’re so pretty and really useful!

16 – London Gifites

London Gifties is run by a single person and they focus mainly on journaling supplies. They sell everything from stamps to washi to stickers to watercolour. They are absolutely beautiful!

17 – Papermate

Papermate pens, particularly their ball point pens are my favourite because the ink remains consistent and they are really comfortable to write with!

18 – Moleskine

I’ve only started using Moleskine recently for my daily journaling and I really love their notebooks! Their notebooks are a dream to write on and they come in lots of colours!

19 – Zebra

Zebra are famous for their mildliners and I have to join on the bandwagon because I love them. They are absolutely beautiful and come in some gorgeous colours! In addition, their pens are of good quality too!

20 – Ryman

I love Ryman because not only do they sell most of the brands I’ve mentioned already, their own range is really lovely! I love their notebooks for school work!

Thank you so much for reading! Let me know what your favourite stationery brands are!

Love Beth



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