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NSW Day 7 – Lemone Notebook Review

Welcome to National Stationery Week Day 7! I can’t believe we’re on the last post for this week! Thank you so much for joining me this week! For every day this week, I’ve been reviewing a notebook that could be used as a Bullet Journal. Today’s notebook is the Lemome dot grid notebook so let’s get to it!

Normally I would include some information about the company but there’s not much I can find out about Lemome. I know they are famous for their notebooks but that’s about it. I’ll leave a link to where I got this particular notebook from here.

Information about the Notebook

Lemome sells notebooks with different types of covers, such as brown leather and plain black. In addition, they also sell a notebook with a Natural Cork hardcover which feels like leather but is vegan. That’s the notebook you can see above and I really like it! Lemome also has various paper types: grid, dot grid, blank and lined as well as A5 and A6 sized notebooks. My particular notebook costs £10.89.

Quality of the Notebook

The cork cover of this notebook feels really nice. I mentioned previously that it feels like leather but it’s something different. It looks amazing as well which I really like!

The paper in this notebook is 120gsm and ivory coloured. It performed well with the pen test which I like but there is still a bit of ghosting which is a little noticeable. The paper feels really nice to write on as well!

One thing I’m not too keen on with this notebook is that the dots are quite big in comparison to others I’ve seen and they are slightly darker than normal. I find this quite distracting if I’m honest but as I keep saying, it’s all down to personal preference!

Individual Features of the Notebook

There are a few features with this notebook which I really like:

  • Pen holder. I really like the fact this notebook has a pen holder so you can keep a pen you use with your notebook at all times!
  • Elastic closure. I always like it when a notebook has an elastic closure!
  • Ribbon bookmark. This notebook has one ribbon bookmark which feels like really good quality if I’m honest!
  • Expandable pocket. It’s always handy to have an expandable pocket at the back!

This notebook doesn’t have numbered pages or an index but that isn’t too important to me personally!

Overall, I really like this notebook and I think it’s amazing quality considering the price!

Once again, I can’t thank you all enough for joining me this week! I have had an incredible time writing this and it’s been fab reviewing many different notebooks! If you want me to review more notebooks, comment below your suggestions!

Thanks all!

Love Beth


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