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NSW Day 5 – Leuchtturm 1917 Medium Softcover Notebook Review

Welcome to National Stationery Week Day 5! Every day on my blog this week, I have been reviewing a notebook that can be used as a Bullet Journal. Today’s notebook is the very popular Leuchtturm 1917 which was actually my first dot grid notebook! A quick disclaimer: This notebook is almost 3 years old and so it’s quite tatty to look at. It looked much nicer when I first got it! Anyway, let’s get to it!

About Leuchtturm 1917

As you can probably realise, Leuchtturm was founded in 1917. They are famous for their notebooks but also sell planners, files and storage products. They also have an option to personalise the notebooks too.

Basic Information about the Notebook

There is so much to Leuchtturm’s notebooks in terms of the limited editions, colours, collections etc so I’m going to leave a link to the website here so you can find out more information.

To make sure this blog post isn’t too long, I’m going to tell you the specific notebook I have. Mine is a medium softcover notebook with 123 pages. This notebook only comes in black and the medium size equates to an A5. You will find that other notebooks from Leuchtturm have so much more to offer in terms of colour choices. I was very much a newbie back when I got this notebook so I had no idea that I was getting a notebook with a small amount of pages and limited colour options. To conclude, do your research a bit better than I did back in 2017!

Quality of the Notebook

As I have already mentioned, I was very new to Bullet Journals when I got this notebook. I don’t know whether I was very heavy-handed with this notebook (probably though, let’s be real) but it just fell apart towards the end. The elastic closure snapped off which isn’t great but I don’t know whether I was pulling on it too much. I also had the binding falling apart on me but I think that was because I kept tearing out pages when I made mistakes. I don’t recommend doing that. To summarise, these faults could be down to me and not necessarily the notebook’s fault.

The cover of this notebook is soft which I quite liked at the time but I prefer a hardcover now. It is quite tatty now but that’s to be expected as I put this notebook into storage once I finished with it. It was absolutely fine though when I was using it.

The paper in this notebook is 80gsm which is obviously quite thin. The pages were an absolute dream to write on because the paper felt very smooth but there was a lot of ghosting and bleeding which I wasn’t a fan of. If I were to use a Leuchtturm again, I would use it as my daily journal rather than a Bullet Journal as I don’t mind ghosting in a notebook that I’m using for my daily journal as I feel it adds to the aesthetic.

One thing I do like about the Leuchtturm is that the dots are very small and not too dark. The paper is ivory in colour and is comparable to notebooks like Moleskine and Dingbats.

Individual Features of the Notebook

Another good thing about the Leuchtturm is the amount of features it has:

  • Numbered pages. This doesn’t bother me too much but I know a lot of people like having numbered pages.
  • Table of contents. This is a premade index page at the start of the notebook which go hand in hand with the numbered pages. I don’t use an index but again, I understand that some people do.
  • Expandable pocket. This is perfect for keeping stickers and important papers.
  • Elastic closure. I mentioned this snapped but I think it was down to me being heavy-handed.

Overall, I think the Leuchtturm 1917 notebook is a respectable notebook that is perfect for someone who doesn’t mind ghosting or bleeding. I would use this notebook as a daily journal rather than as my Bullet Journal.

Love Beth



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