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NSW Day 4 – Moleskine Classic Notebook Review

Welcome to National Stationery Week Day 4! Every day on my blog this week, I am reviewing a notebook that could be used as a Bullet Journal. Today’s notebook is one that I actually use for my daily journaling. It’s the Moleskine Classic Notebook with grid paper and a myrtle green hardcover and I can’t wait to share my thoughts with you! Let’s get to it.

About Moleskine

Moleskine is an Italian company founded in 1997. They are best known for their vast collection of notebooks but they also sell planners, bags and accessories, device accessories, pens and pencils. They also offer a service in which you can personalise notebooks and planners which is good to know. I will be focusing on the classic notebooks as Moleskine have different types of notebooks. I also have another Moleskine notebook being featured in a review this week so look out for that! If you want any more information, check out the website here.

Information about the Notebook

The Classic Notebook comes in three sizes: Pocket (9x14cm,) Large (13x21cm,) and Extra Large (19x25cm.) They also come with a hardcover or a softcover as well as 4 paper types: Dot-Grid, Lined, Grid and Blank. I have the one with grid paper. Finally, I’m now going to list the colour options as there are quite a few:

Cover Colours

  • Sapphire Blue
  • Red
  • Black
  • Dandelion Yellow
  • Earth Brown
  • Reef Blue
  • Scarlet Red
  • Myrtle Green
  • Light Blue
  • Light Green

Quality of the Notebook

The cover of the notebook feels of good quality which I really like. I’ve had no issues with the binding which is good and it’s not noticeable.

The paper in this notebook is 70gsm which is one of the thinnest papers in a notebook I’m covering this week. The paper is acid-free and is actually very lovely to write on. However, as you can tell from the photos above, there is ghosting and a bit of bleeding which is noticeable. For some reason though, I like it in this notebook because I use it as my daily journal and I think it adds to a nice aesthetic. The paper is ivory which is quite nice. It’s comparable to the Dingbats notebook.

The grid on this paper is very light which I really like. I sometimes forget that it’s there sometimes.

Individual Features of the Notebook

There are a few individual features in this notebook which I will mention:

  • Elastic closure. It’s always good to have an elastic closure to make sure the book is always closed securely.
  • Ribbon bookmark. I use this for knowing what spread I’m on for the journaling so it’s not necessary to have two which is what I prefer in a notebook I’m using for a Bullet Journal.
  • Expandable pocket. I keep so many stickers in this pocket as this is where my creativity is unleashed.

This notebook does not come with numbered pages or an index but I’ve mentioned that doesn’t bother me personally.

Overall, I really like this notebook and I am pleased this is my first notebook for daily journaling. It’s also made me appreciate grid notebooks a lot more!

Love Beth



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