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NSW Day 3 – Ink Pot Notebook Review

Welcome to National Stationery week Day 3! Each day on my blog for this week, I’m going to be reviewing a notebook that can be used as a Bullet Journal. Today’s notebook is one by Ink Pot, who very kindly gifted me this notebook! A quick disclaimer: Ink Pot sent me this notebook for promotional purposes on my Instagram. They are not aware that I’m writing this blog post and I’m not being paid to say anything. All opinions are therefore my own.

About Ink Pot

Ink Pot is a family run business (Mum and Daughter) based in the UK. The business started up as the daughter wanted to have a Bullet Journal that was catered to her own needs. She wanted thick paper, a notebook that would lay flat and also a notebook that looked good. These needs are somewhat limited in the UK so Ink Pot was founded. They also sell pens and washi tape that are perfect for a Bullet Journal.

Information about the Notebook

Ink Pot provides customisable notebooks that are full of options. I will leave the website here so you can get detailed information but I will cover the basics here now.

The starting price for an A5 (15x21cm) notebook is £15. There are no other size options but A5 is generally considered to be the most popular size for a Bullet Journal. You can also only get a dot grid notebook. I mentioned before that you can customise your notebook but some of the options add to the price. You can decide the cover colour, the design on the front, the foil colour for the design, you can add initials at the bottom for an extra £5 and you can also change a design to an acronym or a year for an extra £5. I’ll go through the options in slightly more detail below but I would really recommend looking at the website so you can see what the colours and designs look like.

Cover Colours

  • Teale
  • Navy
  • Chalk rose
  • White
  • Black


  • Daffodil
  • Lightbulb
  • Mosaic
  • Rose
  • Shamrock
  • Star
  • Thistle
  • Wi-fi down
  • Heart flower

Foil Colour

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Copper
  • White

I have a chalk rose notebook with a silver heart flower and I think it goes together really well!

Quality of the Notebook

The covers of this notebooks are made of linen which I really like as it’s something a little bit different. There is a hard inner part though so you feel like there’s a sense of protection to the paper inside. The binding is also fine as well.

The paper is 160gsm which is extremely thick. It feels like sketching paper which I quite like. As a result, there is no ghosting or bleeding as you can see from the photos above. I absolutely love that.

The dots in this notebook are very small and very light which I like. However, as I always mention, this is all down to personal preference.

Individual Features of the Notebook

These notebooks have a few features which I really like:

  • Ribbon bookmark. I do wish this had two but that’s down to personal preference.
  • Elastic closure. I always like having an elastic closure to keep the notebook shut.
  • Expandable pocket. This is really good for keeping stickers, important paper and other things like that.

There are no numbered pages, index or anything like that but that doesn’t bother me too much.

Overall, I’m really in love with this Ink Pot notebook. I’m very excited to use this as my future Bullet Journal.

Love Beth


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