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NSW Day 2 – Wooopy Notebook review

Welcome to day 2 of National Stationery Week! Today’s notebook in the spotlight is one from Wooopy which was kindly gifted to me a couple of months ago. A quick disclaimer before we get started: Wooopy do not know I’m writing this post. This notebook was gifted to me for promotional purposes on my Instagram. All opinions are therefore my own. 

About Wooopy

Wooopy is a UK based company which is introducing Asian Stationery to the Western world. I’m pretty sure the company is run by a single person but I’m not 100% sure. The company sell a wide range of stationery, such as washi tape, stickers, pens, sticky notes and of course, notebooks. You can find the website here to have a look for yourself.

Information about the Notebook

Wooopy currently sells only A5 dot grid notebooks which cost £10. The exact measurements are 14.6×20.8cm, with 160 pages. There are 6 notebooks on offer with some beautiful covers. My one is the Blue Doujour notebook and I absolutely love it.

Quality of the Notebook

Considering this notebook is one of the cheaper options out there, the quality of the notebook is still good. The hard cover has geometric shapes in various colours which is so quirky and pretty. You can see it in the picture above. I haven’t seen anything like it before which I love. The binding is also completely fine and I’ve had no issues with it.

The paper is 100gsm and is woodfree according to the website. It’s absolutely fine to write on but unfortunately, there is some ghosting and bleeding which you can see in the photos above. However, it is minimal which is something to keep in mind. It’s definitely not the worst form of ghosting and bleeding I’ve seen.

Another thing I’m not so keen on with this notebook is the dots. They are very dark and very large and I do find it quite distracting. This is all down to personal preference though and it’s something I can learn to persevere with!

Individual Features of the Notebook

Due to this notebook being a cheaper option, there are no extra features such as numbered pages, a back pocket, elastic closure etc. However, it adds to a very minimalist vibe which I really like. Of course, it would be great to see these features but they’re not necessary and this notebook can be used perfectly for a Bullet Journal.

Overall, I really like the Wooopy dot grid notebook. I think it’s a perfect notebook for anyone wanting a cheaper alternative. I definitely recommend it.

Love Beth




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