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April 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

Welcome to my April Bullet Journal setup. I hope everyone is keeping safe during this time. If anyone needs to talk, feel free to message me on my social media! March has dragged a little bit but we are now in April and with a new month means a new theme and new spreads in my Bullet Journal!

This month’s theme is a geometric adjacent type theme. I used a triangle border for every spread with two colours, turquoise and pink! I’m really happy with how they all look so let’s get to it!

Cover Page

For my cover page, I focused purely on the borders as the theme which I really like. I love how minimalist it is with April in the middle. I also included my usual quote page and I really like the quote for this month. I think it’s quite fitting for this month and the situation we find ourselves in.

Monthly Spread

My monthly spread is the same as last month. My calendar layout worked really well for me last month so I decided to do the same for this month. I know there’s not much for this month because of lockdown but I’m going to put my blog schedule here as well! The squares are 5 by 5 in my Dingbats notebook! I also have my followers stats to the side again which also worked well for me!

Habit and Mood Tracker

I bring good news! My habit and mood tracker layout worked extremely well for me last month so it’s around for another month. The concept for the way I fill this in is the same as last month but I’ve made sure I don’t have to turn my notebook around this time just to make it easier. It was nice last month though to go back to what I felt was a very 2017 layout!

Sleep Tracker and Gratitude Log

For my sleep tracker, I decided to change things up a little bit with the layout, albeit reluctantly. You see, the normal layout that I like to do takes up a lot of space on the page. Unfortunately for me, so does the border. I had to think of a different way to track the amount of sleep I had so I came up with this. I’m sure it will work fine though!

As for my gratitude log, the concept is the same except the title is at the top. I’m a little worried that there isn’t going to be enough room but we shall see!

Instagram Schedule and Goals Review

Due to the same reason as my sleep tracker, I changed the layout of the Instagram schedule. I actually think this is for the better though because it’s actually given me more room to say what the post is going to be!

I have also brought back a goals review page because I have finally decided to look at my goals every 4 months. This means I’ll have this spread in August and December! Again, it’s very free for all which I like so I can write as little or as much as I want!


I have a double-page spread for my memories which now I’m thinking about is probably not the best idea considering the situation right now but it can be small things so that’s okay.

Brain Dump

I always like to have a brain dump spread so I can dump things here that aren’t related to any other spread. It’s such a necessity for me!

That’s my April Bullet Journal setup! I’d love to know what theme you’ve gone for in your Bullet Journal so let me know in the comments!

Love Beth



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