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Dear Younger Me…

Dear younger me,

Hi. It’s me. Beth in the future. I’m not sure how old you are currently. I want to say 10, maybe 11? Anyway, I hope you’re doing okay at your moment in time. And don’t worry, you’ll be ok as you grow up too.

Your life is going to look a lot different to how you’re probably envisioning it right now. You probably think you’ll go straight from primary school to secondary school to college to university. All of your education completed when you’re 21 years old.

About that…

You see, when you go into secondary school, there will be a time when you leave and move to another school near Birmingham. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work out and it will be tough on you, Mum, Dad and Harvey but you’ll get through it. You’ll be back in your home town before you know it and you’ll be reunited with your friends.

College will also be tough but I promise, it all ends up okay. You’ll start your A Levels straight after secondary school but your mental health will deteriorate and you’ll have to drop out. It will feel like a really low point in your life but you’ll see the other side all okay.

University will also not be smooth sailing. You’ll take a gap year, go to uni and drop out again. That mental health, eh? I can’t tell you exactly what will happen next because I don’t know. You’ll grow to accept that this has all happened though. You’re just waiting to see what comes up for you.

Talking of friends, they will come and go. But the friends who will always stay are the ones you’re going to least expect. You’ll join Twitter at the age of 13 and you will meet some amazing people on there. You’ll still be talking to them 7 years later. Your real-life friends will fade away, unfortunately. That’s okay though. You’ll grow up to assume everything happens for a reason. They may seem amazing friends at the time and you are free to cherish the memories you have with said friends but you’ll find that you’re a lot happier without them.

What I’m trying to say is life is going to be hard. You will struggle and it will feel overwhelming but you’ll see the other side. Oh, and you’ll end up moving to North Wales.

Keep going and for goodness sake, make the most of your childhood and teen years. It goes by so quickly.

Love Beth (aged 20)


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