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& Juliet Review



The music of Max Martin + the book of David West Read = & Juliet, a jukebox musical. On paper, this looks to be one hell of a cheese-fest. It is but my god, it’s probably my favourite new musical to debut this year.

Jukebox musicals always have a tendency to be extremely cheesy which is why I tend to steer clear of them. I’m normally not a fan of them because I tend to prefer musicals with brand new songs made specifically for said musical. However, I’m willing to make an exception with & Juliet because it’s so much fun.

Anne Hathaway has come to London in the 16th Century (possibly. The era is quite vague) for the premiere of her husband William Shakespeare’s new play, and she realises the plot ends on a rather negative note. She intervenes and in her version, Juliet is now off to Paris to make something of herself. Cheesy? Yes. Genius? Yes.

Compared to some other jukebox musicals, where numbers are thrown here and there, the amount of songs they have available to them means they can pick whatever songs they like to seamlessly fit into the script.

The ensemble cast gives it their absolute all.  Cassidy Janson, Oliver Tompsett, Jordan Luke Gage, Melanie La Barrie, David Bedella, Arun Blair-Mangat and Tim Mahendran to name a few are absolutely incredible. They’re funny, witty, charming and have strong vocals throughout the show.

It’d be rude not to mention Miriam-Teak Lee as Juliet. The first we see of her is singing …Baby One More Time and she absolutely smashes it. She is a very strong vocalist and is perfect for Juliet.

I would highly recommend going to see & Juliet. You’re in for an absolute treat and the minute you walk out of that theatre, your priority is to download the soundtrack immediately.

Thank you for reading!

Love Beth


3 thoughts on “& Juliet Review

  1. This is such an interesting review! Like you I’m always a little dubious of jukebox musicals but what I love about the sounds of this is that although the music isn’t original, the story is! I caught their performance at west end live which intrigued me but your review has definitely put it on my list of musicals to watch this year!


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