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January 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

Hello everyone and welcome back to another blog post. I hope everyone had an amazing new year. I can’t believe we are officially in 2020 now. It’s insane how quickly 2019 went past. I’m so excited to see where 2020 takes me, especially in relation to my blog. I hope you will all stick with me on this journey!

Today’s post is about my January Bullet Journal setup. The theme I have gone for is Mountains which I have wanted to do for so long. It’s a very minimal setup with no colour apart from some light grey so it’s very different for me! I used pointillism for the shading on the mountains and I’m very happy with the overall outcome! Let’s get to it!

Cover Page

I absolutely adore the cover page for January. I love the minimalist vibe of the pages and of course, I went for the double-page spread. I love the use of the washi tape on this spread in particular. It was a last-minute idea of mine to add the tape if I’m honest. The spread looked quite bare so that’s why I ended up using the tape. I also love the quote I used as it fits in really well with the whole theme.

Monthly Spread

My January monthly spread is a little bit different this time. If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you may notice that this spread is similar to my April setup from 2019 which you can find here. I like to refer to it as my timeline monthly spread. I really like the way it looks and I’m very happy with it.

Habit Tracker and Follower Tracker

Individual habit trackers are my favourite way to track habits which is why I’m continuing with this layout in January. I’m tracking the same things from December plus a meditation tracker as the latter is one of my goals for 2020.

As for my follower tracker, it’s the exact same layout as December. It worked really well for me which is why I decided to use it for January!

Mood Tracker

Last month’s mood tracker was a bit of a fail for me. I wanted to do a calligraphy mood tracker where I basically lettered out one word to describe my mood. I had it on one page for December but it was not enough room at all and so I gave up. This is why I’ve used a double-page this time!

Sleep Tracker and Gratitude Log

I really enjoyed my sleep tracker for December so I decided to continue with the same layout. This time, I added the actual hours of sleep I got on the right so I can also see that on the spread as well.

The gratitude log remains the same as it has since I first used it in April and I can’t see me changing the layout in the future.

Instagram Content Planner and Blog Planning

My Instagram content planner worked really well for me in December so I decided to add it for January as well. I’ve been asked a few times how this spread works out so I will quickly explain for you all! I take quite a few photos in advance for my Bullet Journal Instagram and I wanted to have some sort of schedule. I use the calendar to write down the photos in pencil so I can change it up if need be and it works really well for me!

I also included a blog planning spread so I have somewhere to write notes and other things related to my blog!

Goals and Reflection

I mentioned in my 2020 Bullet Journal setup that I wanted to make sure I was really focused on my 2020 goals throughout the year. I decided to include a review spread so I can keep track of how I’m getting on with my goals and how I can improve for the next month!

I also included a reflection page so I can focus on the entire month and not just my goals. I’m going to doodle and letter out some memories and then I will jot down some good and bad things about the month. I hope this works for me!

Anyway, thank you so much for reading and I shall see you next week!

Love Beth


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